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New chatroom URL?

Asked by laxdude9216 (7points) May 13th, 2008 from iPhone

the fluther watering hole

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This is only like the 100th time…

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they either locked everyone out or changed the URL

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Yeah, from time to time it changes. I’m not sure how to get ahold of the new URL. You may try messageing the mods.

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Get on a computer and look at the five “siblings” on the right. I believe that they will not show up on iPhone.

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And I would like to apologize for the bouncing URL. We know what causes it now so hopefully it won’t happen very often. Hint: It us usually my fault.

And feel free to send me a PM if you have a problem getting in. I won’t mind. I promise.

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@gail it doesn’t

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Feel free to PM me for it too. It shouldn’t happen too often anymore. And its not usually JP’s fault.

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We need a link for it somewhere on the site, that can be updated by the chat moderators as required.

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I second that motion richardhenery.

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