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How did pangea form?

Asked by kddo14 (8points) May 13th, 2008

Pangea was a single land mass consisting of all the modern continents before it broke apart and millions of years continental drift resulted in the arrangement of land masses on the planet as we see it today. So the question is how did the planet end up with all it’s land mass crammed into one giant continent in the first place?

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Or not god.

I’ve heard one theory I actually kinda like the idea of, It’s much different than the “earth had one big island, over time island spreads out” idea.
This idea is that the Earth used to be really tiny, so tiny that the landmass covered the whole globe – then, as the Earth expands it spread out…I dunno, food for though.

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like voltron. arm to the leg, leg.

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This might help.

Also looking into what a hotspot is might help too.

Jesus fuck.

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Here’s one man’s theory, somewhat more helpful than the previous postings: and here is a more scholarly reference:

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The second Moon crashed in & made all that land.

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I have a hypothesis as to how Pangea was formed and why it split up (It is still spreading out). A giant comet smashed into the Earth a few billion years ago and pushed all of the Earth’s crust to one side of the planet creating the super Continent of Pangaea. Then as the crust began to slowly settle back to fill in the voids crated by the comet, Pangaea was ripped into all of the parts and continents that we see today. The comet also help to create our oceans.

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actually, pangaea wasnt the first supercontinent nor was it the original land mass. The reason why it is most commonly talked about is because Pangaea was where we can trace back first human-like origin. The first “continents” werent continents at all. They were called Cratons and were the size of a small city. These masses were created because the crust is made up of volatiles, or low melting point materials, and at the time the Earth was extremely hot. These masses continues to grow through collection of more volatiles and then were constantly moved about through tectonic plates. SOOO long story short- pangaea isnt the first real landform.

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