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Caught unsuspected video wise, what would your reaction be?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) November 9th, 2011

If you found yourself in this situation, no it is not mine, how would you react to it? You vacationed in Europe 3–4 years ago. You ran into an old colleague/school mate, etc. They just lauded on this beach, but it was also a topless beach. The old acquaintance and his/her mate pestered you not to look like a foreigner, and that the females should sunbath topless like the locals. You relent; they swore up and down the beach was safe, and OK. Your SO (you if you are female), and your daughters, one a teen, the other a preteen sunned themselves topless. Now, four years later someone you know well enough to know they were not lying, says on their cousin’s computer they seen your girls, (you too if you are female) in a video on some Website geared to gonzo amateur sexual adult entertainment. How would you handle that?

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Laugh it off, if they are good enough to get onto some porn site then I am fine with that! Its only boobs after all? There was nothing sexual about it, and I did it in innocence then, I have no problem with it.

Don’t know how I’d feel about my daughters being on there though? I suppose if it bothered me that much, I’d probably contact my lawyer and show him, ask what could be done, as they girls are young. With paedophilia so common and children being put at risk without parents even realising then I suppose my instincts would be to protect my children.

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I would demand that they remove and delete the material, in accordance with my right to informational self determination as guaranteed by the German Constitution.

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This sound slike your dirty little fantasy. it wouldn’t happen to me. I would not be on a topless beach.

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I personally would not go to a topless beach if I were female, and I would heavily frown upon my SO doing so either. I would also suggest friends/family/etc not visit them.

To me they are sexual, and unless that’s your thing, I wouldn’t want them on the internet (breasts).

If I had gone in that scenario, I would probably demand they be removed. But more than likely it would be too late by that point anyways.

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If I caught an “unsuspected video wise”, I’d get out the dictionary.

(and lauded on a beach?)

If I were comfortable displaying my breasts in public, then fine – snap those photos.

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If we were all sunning ourselves as a family and not parading for the camera then whatever, enjoy our fabulous boobies.

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@tedd If I had gone in that scenario, I would probably demand they be removed. How would you go after a Web hoster on foreign soil? Retain an attorney in your nation, get one in the nation where it originated, or the nation the Web server is in?

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@Hypocrisy_Central Hey, I didn’t say I would be successful.. lol

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