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How do I get a good RN-BSN graduate job with US government?

Asked by georgekasheshe (27points) November 9th, 2011

As a new graduate (bachelors degree) registered nurse, how do I get a good healthcare job with one of the US government agencies or institutions?

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Join the Air Force. Seriously. My sister did that, the benefits were great, she was delighted with the whole deal.

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@georgekasheshe Where are you current located and are you a US citizen?

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Yes am a US citizen and I live in Maryland, attended University of Maryland

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US Department of health might be a start. Also see about applying at your local VA hospital.

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The CDC might be another place to look. Atlanta based if I remember correctly.

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You have to google the agencies and take civil service exams for each one. For the couny I work in, each test is $25 and you apply about 2 months prior to the test, and it takes 6 months for the results to come out, and then they start canvassing the list.

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