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How would you control population?

Asked by MonstrousPeace (451points) November 9th, 2011

If you were King, or Queen, of the world, how would you control our impending overpopulation problem? Would you go with the limit like China?

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China’s limit will result in a real shortage or girl children. They did not take into account the cultural bias towards girls.

I think the best way to control population is to raise the standard of living and education levels. Those are what affect the birth rate the most.

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@marinelife That’s a good point. How high would you raise the standard of living? Middle class?

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Education and prosperity. It seems to me countries with an educated population and decent standard of living for the majority of the population have lower birth rates. I am not obsessed with controlling the population though, I think if we work together we can have enough resources for everyone, but of course that is idealistic I guess.

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If I was King of the World, I would speak out about the importance of having some financial preparations done before they start having kids and of course, promoting the use of birth control methods, hopefully not as drastically as China’s method. But wait, being King of the World, I would rule Chna as well so hmmm, that would be awesome. I would probably rename the Great Wall the Fluther Wall or something. Lol.

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@JLeslie That would be quite the idealistic situation. And as much as I would love to see people working together for the greater good, America alone is too prideful and greedy to sink to the level of other countries. I agree. The way one lives definitely helps to define their lifestyle. People who are wealthy tend to be more rational in having their children than people like the Duggers, who are skirting by with food stamps and (now) almost 22 mouths to feed.

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@marinelife maybe they did. Nothing limits population growth like a shortage of females.

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@MonstrousPeace I read recently that there is a trend towards fewer children in many third world countries, even among the poor. Not sure what is influencing it. I need to do some research. I remember in the report they showed a woman making something by hand, I got the impression she was supporting herself financially. Anyway, I am thinking if cultures around the world move away from male dominance that also will reduce the birth rate. Most women desire to control their fertility I think.

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Gadzooks, there are many nations that have vast acreage of unused, or undeveloped land. It just seem crowded because too many people want to live in a given area. Not many places have the unique limitations that Japan has, where they just don’t have the space. Canada, China, Australia, the US, Russia, Brazil, for starters have a lot of land no one is living on. It may be out there with no Wal-Mart or Starbucks near by, but one can still live on it. When you have so many people wanting to live in places like Moscow, Manhattan, Mexico City, etc, those places seem crowded.

If I were king if the world I would set up planned communities in those open areas.

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Invest in high population technologies, such as underground building technology, high rise buildings, argriculture and waste management technologies. Most important of all, space exploration investment.

No limits allowed, we use it as the excuse for pushing out in the the solar system.

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I wouldn’t try. On the other hand, I wouldn’t subsidize increasing population, either. In developed economies such as the US, Canada, most of Europe and increasing parts of Asia, families incur net costs from raising children to maturity. In other parts of the world large families are required in order to put the children to work early, make up for high infant mortality rates and support the parents. That’s where overpopulation occurs, relative to the “carrying capacity” of the ground that the population lives on.

Developed economies that foster self-reliance (i.e., non welfare states) will have families that self-limit in size.

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Put something in the water. Especially water the 17–30 year olds drink.

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I would do it like god and kill every first born of a family every 3 years. A genocidal trinity, so to speak.
(It is called “learning from the best”)

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@MonstrousPeace Yes, that would do it.

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I would stop aid of all sorts- international and domestic.. If you can’t support ‘em then neither will I.

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Sterilize both parents at the occurrence of a live birth.

Make birth control free to everyone

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Make a huge tractor with over-sized chainsaws attached to the blades and roam all over Earth and mow people down. Or legalize murder.

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Education for women. It’s a fact that literate women and educated women have lower fertility rates.

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The developed world is already choosing abortion and euthanasia is getting popular. Disease is n all star population controller, disasters and war pick up the slack. Oh yes, ladies, don’t forget your birth control pill today. The real problem its greed and poverty not population.

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@smilingheart1 Careful there, men can take responsibility in birth control also. Not that I trust them to, but one man can have ten kids in a month.

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free condoms for everyone !!!

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But on a serious note, I think empowering women of the developing countries would really help because there they are actually thought of as baby making machines !

In the rural areas each family has about 13 children and when a young girl gets her period for the first time she is immediately married off, how messed up is that.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Ironically, that’s precisely the sort of person who ought to be reproducing. The smart, educated sort.

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@Nullo Now you are going down the eugenics path. Tread carefully.

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How about a national lottery? If your number comes up your numbers up.

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Just because @Simone_De_Beauvoir said (correctly) that educated women (who tend to be more in control of their own destinies as they acquire the education) have lower fertility rates does not mean that “they should be having more children”. The fact is that as women (and men, too) acquire more education and control over their lives, they can choose when to reproduce. That leads to lower fertility rates, older and more stable parents… better families and more stable populations all around.

So it’s not that more-educated people should overpopulate their world, it’s that more people should get more education – and control of their lives – and be in a position to make better choices. (I so seldom agree with her that I thought it worth pointing out when I do.)

The rest of y’all must be having some kind of ‘fun’ with inventing new ways to control people’s lives and kill them off. Some fun.

Television seems to help to reduce population growth, too, by the way. It’s non-violent, non-coercive and somewhat addictive, but it’s a sort of opiate that people can choose on their own.

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@CWOTUS I was thinking more of the phenomenon by which the educated place an emphasis on education for their kids – a hereditary meme, I suppose.

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@Nullo that may be a parental thing, but it’s not exclusive. Perhaps we should ALL be providing this meme to all children, especially girls. This feeds in nicely to what @Simone_De_Beauvoir was saying. Educate the girls.

“If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation).”

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Make education accessible to all.

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@cazzie That’s an awfully sexist quote you’ve got there.

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@Nullo it is a widely accepted truth.

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@cazzie Hardly. I got my extra-scholastic learnin’ from both parents. Same goes for a lot of people.

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