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Men: How do show your love to your significant other?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) November 9th, 2011

Are you hard nosed who shows his love by hard work and labor, and on the other end are you a woman who takes notice of this? Or fellas, are you the affectionate type who just can’t stop kissing and hugging? Do you try to balance the two?

I’m asking because I think it’s important to be realistic yet romantic. Was just curious how other men might go about their business in the relationship department.

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Run a bath for them, cook something to eat for when she gets out. A footrub, a box of chocolates, her favorite movie, and me going down on her from opening title to last line of the credits.

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I do all I can for a SO. From realistic to romantic. PDA and affection is a must.
I am a giver, so I in turn get reward in giving.

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You, sirs, are wonderful.

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I listen to her every once in a while.

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Buying them nice and sexy shoes works.

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I’m not a man, but I think I can speak for my husband, who has a homemade dinner ready for me every Wednesday night when I get back from class. (Tonight it’s Chicken Marengo, my favorite.) That shows love, man. True love.

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@laureth Mine cooks for me, too :)

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@cockswain When you have someone who loves to talk and talk, listening is an invaluable skill. I think I listen to people more than anyone I know.

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I don’t get why ‘realistic’ is mutually exclusive with ‘romantic’ as if the former is what men are usually and the latter is something they’re forced to do by their vagina traps.

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We never let a day go by where we don’t hug and kiss several times. I tell her I love her at least once a day. I do as much as I can to keep shared home clean. I’m more of the cleaner while she is more of the tidier. I always try to consider how what I say or do (or not do) will impact her life. We’re older than many of you (57 and 62) and we’ll celebrate our 8th Anniversary in December.

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well I guess after he comes home I’d hand him a drink, massage his shoulders for a while and then lean in to give him a small but sweet kiss on the cheek.

Or a small bite on the neck, depending on my mood:P

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@Hypocrisy_Central You have it all down.

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@Dr_Lawrence Wonderful!
@Simone_De_Beauvoir I don’t think they’re forced to, although most women appreciate a bit of romance. But there are also things that men expect from women (usually, a lot), so it’s a two way street.

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