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Did you, like me, fall asleep to the tunes of Simon and Garfunkel? Favourite song of theirs?

Asked by zensky (13418points) November 9th, 2011

If not, what was your lullaby?

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Fragile by Sting

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The Boxer is my favorite, but I love most of their songs. Yes, I could fall asleep to their songs, but only because they are so soothing.

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The purring machine that lies on my diaphragm at bedtime is very soporific. However, this is counterbalanced by the dead weight on my diaphragm.

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I was going to get to see them in concert last spring but they had to cancel. I don’t remember loving any of their music. I wanted to see them because they were my teenagehood. I saw a tv show about Paul Simon’s African songs and liked that a lot.

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The Only Living Boy In New York
The Bridge Over Troubled Water album is full of great, great songs.

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Pssst @gailcalled It’s called poetic license.

Origin of LULLABY

obsolete English lulla, interjection used to lull a child (from Middle English) + bye, interjection used to lull a child, from Middle English by
First Known Use: 1573

I am merely returning the “e” to its rightful place. Bye – should be bye, not by – which has another meaning entirely.

If we can have silent fucking gh’s in right and flight, we can have the e in bye when we mean “bye.”

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I like The Sound of Silence but generally prefer Simon solo.

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@vine Thank you for your first post and welcome to fluther. I also like Paul alone – not everyone does. Have you followed his career? Have you suffered through Broadway and Movie fiascos, enjoyed his recent album? Stuck in the 70’s or know him by heart?

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I like Sound of Silence. It’s the only song I know though, first introduced to me in school. We had to decipher the meaning. I failed because I wrote about Final Fantasy VII. I honestly do like the song though.

Actual lullabies were French artists and those nature sounds albums, with wolves and oceans lol.

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My parents introduced me via Graceland and I have worked backwardly from there. Only know a handful by heart and am unfamiliar with his more recent stuff, but he is one of my most listened-to artists according to iTunes.

Thank you for the warm welcome.

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I know i fell asleep to many, but did play this for daughter as she drifted off when she was younger Paul Simon Father and Daughter

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I kinda feel like Art was a drag. I like Paul Simon much better solo. BAH BAH BAH BAH! BAHHHHH BA BABAAAHH! (Beginning of You Can Call Me Al, lol)

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I’ve been a Simon and Garfunkel fan since Wednesday Morning 3 a.m. There are too many favorites for me to choose on.

The lullaby for my kids since they were babies has been James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James. The kids are teens now, they still like it.

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My first wife and I when we were dating performed folk music in local clubs and wherever we could get an audience. The Boxer was one of our best songs and my personal favourite. I often listened to cassette tape compilations that included Simon and Garfunkel.

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In terms of Simon and Garfunkel I don’t really have a favorite. I do like the original Sound of Silence.

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I love Simon & Garfunkel, my favourite is The Boxer. None of their music puts me to sleep though, I’ll be too busy singing along.

Enya’s music puts me to sleep though. Not in a bad, boring way; it’s just so dreamy and beautiful.

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@downtide In this recent performance for 9/11 ten years – if you just listen to it – it’s quite soporific. He sings it slightly difeerently too so you wouldn’t be singing along to it.

@symbeline (edited) You must try some of his other couple hundred songs, with and without Garfunkel’s lovely voice.

Graceland, Rythm of the Saints are but two brilliant albums. I mean, the whole album.

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A Poem on the Underground Wall.

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Great song. Also Flowers Never Bend…

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I Am a Rock is my favorite Simon and Garfunkel song, but it’s a little too lively for a lullaby.

I like to listen to Going Home by Libera (a British boy’s choir) before I go to sleep.

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Sounds of Silence
Scarborough Fair
Silent Night/6:00 News
I’d rather be a hammer than a nail.

Only one that leaves me out in the cold is Cecillia.

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I love Sound of Silence; I recently learned to play it on the piano. Scarborough Fair is a close second.

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Already There by Lonestar. Helps me fall alseep…sooo sweet. :3

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I do love the “And Garfunkel” era, which was only the beginning. I have seen Paul in concert in the 80s, and truly love this new release he has.
“Bridge over troubled water” is soul touching. “The Boxer” !!
But the new stuff has such beautiful African influences, like seen the last 20 yrs.
“getting ready for Christmas” is amazing as well as “Rewrite” on so beautiful, so what.

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