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Why are some animals afraid of the water?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) May 13th, 2008

Such as cats. They never want to be near the water or in it for the most part. I do know some cats that are perfectly fine, but the majority of cats seem to have a huge issue with it. Why is this?

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Maybe they are just scared of the amount of water, or the water that comes at them.

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I’m assuming unfamiliarity

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Cats us have to be clean. Anytime they get wet they have to give themselves a tongue bath again.

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Just not used to it, most horses are terrified of water as well, they don’t know what it is

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Well, some people are too. Not all cats are afraid of water. have you sen this great YouTube cat video?

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And there is also this one

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@scamp Awwwww. I like the one in which the cat flew into and out of the tub almost instantly. It was like he or she could walk on water. It’s so sad how naked they look when they are wet!

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It’s not all cats. Tigers often swim in the wild and in captivity. Sloths are swimmers too!

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The reason cats are afraid of water is because when they lick themselves clean after such an ordeal, the resulting hairball is too big to hack back up. The hairball then “clogs” their intestines, blood supply is cut off, and they could die from the necrotic intestine.

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Savannahs and Bengals seem to love water. As do many housecats that I know.

I learned (somewhere) recently that one of the reasons most cats hate baths so much is because they feel heat very differently than we do. What we consider to be lukewarm is scalding them. Make the water room temp and they enjoy it quite a bit more.

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Seems to me that housecats are lazy and they don’t like to be out of control, and many of them care a lot about their fur. So humans trying to force them into the water can seem like WHAT? NO!!! to them.

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