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Can we please have a festive parade followed by a stunning party and fireworks for my daughter KatawaGrey on her entry into the 20K club?

Asked by JilltheTooth (19757points) November 10th, 2011

I couldn’t be prouder of my big blue Jelly girl, she’s been here for over 3 years, she’s been a mod, she’s been a good friend to most who know her. She’s truly the best person I know and I’m not at all biased, you understand!.

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Congrats KatawayGrey, you’re one of my favorites here! Keep on keepin’ on! :-)

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Congratulations KatawaGrey! You are one of my “go to” jellies when I need to know things. I’m so glad you are here, you make Fluther a truly nice place to come to.

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I’ll be setting off the fireworks shortly after sundown.

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w00 h00! Congrats Kataway!!
Daymn the place is rockin tonite!!!!

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Congrats to the hottest blue chick I know! Swing your tail over here and have some chocolate!!!

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Mazel Tov dear KatawaGrey! You have been wonderful both as a mod and a regular Jelly. And you make yo Mama so very proud!

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Wheee * * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congratulations, KatawaGrey. :)

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Yay! I lurve you, girlie. Congratulations! :)

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Wow! Congrats, Kata!

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Wow! Finally, the mansion would have lots of these creatures!. I want one! Pleeease?

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Congratulations, nice theist who likes Avatar. :D

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CONGRATS! Oh, Fluther t-shirt wearing blue chick from Pandora!

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Katawa is my jam. I love her long time, free of charge.

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Congratulations @KatawayGrey. Funny, clever and always interesting you! Well done.

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Congrats, Kate :)

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Congratulations, @KatawaGrey! I have enjoyed your quips!

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All right! Congratulations!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love your answers and I think you’re a wonderful Jelly! Thanks for being here. :)

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Congratulations! I love your questions and answers. You’re such a nerd. (that’s good, by the way) :D Cheers, and keep it up, you rock. :)

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Woot woot! Way to go girly!!!

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Wheeee, congratulations!! xo

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Congrats on the 20 K! And thanks for inviting your Mom!
Brie anyone?

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Congo Rats to someone who seems familiar with both!
You rock this site!

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My float for the parade includes a fireworks show! Congrats to one of the jellies I lurve the most!

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Nice :) heart

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We can haz cake now?

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Yay! You are one of my favorite Jellies and my first Buffy go to gal. You deserve millions of lurve. You always remain rational and cordial even when I know you just want to cuss someone out.


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To @KatawaGrey, my comrade-in-arms: three years is not enough. Fifty years would not be enough.
I see you.

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Thanks for being one of our moderators and, I’ve always loved your name!

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Kataway who?

What is with all these newbies getting to 20k before me? Sheesh.

CONGRATS DEAR – lurve ya to pieces.

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I have a tractor trailer full of fireworks. Anybody got a match?

The display will spell out Congrats in 25 different languages

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Enjoy your milestone, celebrate your future KG! All the best!

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Muy, muy congrats to one of my favorite jellies! :)

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Congratulations! :-)

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Late but here. Congratulations @KatawaGrey! You’re not even going to come to your own party?

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Congratulations blue girl!

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I am late again! Darn that question-flinging engine! Congratulations, @KatawaGrey. I love your name, I love your thoughtful young mind, You were Fluther before FLuther was cool.

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Congrats, K You are an amazing person and my go to Jelly also. I’m deeply honored to enter 20K land with you. I couldn’t think of anything that would make it nicer.

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She’s spicy and I liker her. :) Congrats, cute thang!!

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I think it’s wonderfully special that Mom has thrown the party for you—congratulations on this noble achievement!

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Thanks everyone! It’s so wonderful to see my friends here at the party my wonderful momma has thrown. I only wish this was in person so we could do a multitude of toasts, eat lots of cake and perhaps get a little tipsy. ;)

You are all such wonderful Jellies and I see more than a few here who make me want to stay whenever there is a crisis. Thank you all so much for your kind and awesome words. :)

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Not grey at all….
Colorful, that’s what you are!

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Way to go @KatawaGrey. A well deserving Jelly.
20K Cheers! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/..............

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For you my dear, instead of spending time in the mansion, we’ve all rented a fleet of Winnebagos and Airstream Trailers and we’re going on a cross country, vegetarian food finding adventure! Kind of like Guy Fieri’s Diners Drive-ins and Dives without all of the meat.

We’ll start out on the east coast at Claire’s in Vermont for some sustainable seasonal veggies and artisan breads.

Next stop is New York City where we’ll go to Zen Palate for some Asian fusion fare.

Then we’ll head down to Memphis to check out the Smoked Coconut Club Sandwich at Memphis Taproom which consists of grilled lemon garlic tofu, with smoked fresh coconut and tomato herb mayo. Or if you’d prefer, you might like their Roasted Cauliflower Mac and Cheese or the Beer Battered Fried Kosher Dill Pickles.

Then we’ll jog down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to check out Sublime

Then we’ll head north and cut west to New Orleans for gourmet, artisanal popsicles at Meltdown

Then onto Austin Texas where we’ll stop by Kerbey Lane Cafe for a vegetarian breakfast or vegetarian Mexican food.

The up to Boulder, Colorado to visit the exquisite Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant

And over to Salt Lake City, Utah, to experience the 90% organic menu at Sage’s Cafe

Then up to Seattle, Washington to the Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe, Washington’s first certified organic vegetarian restaurant.

Moving down into Oregon, we’ll stop at the Blossoming Lotus an amazing sounding vegan restaurant. How cool does Live Nachos sound? These are the ingredients: spiced tomato & walnut chips, zucchini tahini nacho cheese and ground pecan chorizo, topped with onion, tomato, cilantro,
scallion, cashew sour cream and avocado ranch, served with a lime wedge. Or maybe you’d like to try the Spicy Butternut Squash and Chili Quesadilla: whole wheat tortilla with spicy butternut & black bean chili, ground pecan chorizo, zucchini tahini nacho cheese, scallion, avocado ranch and roasted red pepper sour cream, served with blue corn chips.

Then we’ll move down into San Francisco, to dine at the oh-so-out-of-my-league vegetarian restaurant called Millenium

Of course you’ll want to head into Nevada to pick up a dozen fantastic vegan donuts from Ronald’s Donuts in Las Vegas. I took a road trip out there with 4 other women, and each one of us ordered a dozen vegan donuts each!

And finishing out our journey at Au Lac Vegan and Raw Vietnamese Restaurant in Fountain Valley. This is my favorite restaurant in the whole world. I think you will like it too.

After that, you’re on your own baby! Congratulations!

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@Kardamom Gives really good hea… I mean lurve/comments on these 20k threads. Awesome effort on behalf of @KatawaGrey, my friend. :-)

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@lillycoyote I just choked I mean LOL’d when you said that : )

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@Kardamom You don’t have to swallow… everything hook, line and sinker. Use your head, girl!

We better stop. This thread was started by somebody’s mom! Even if it was @JilltheTooth, who’s no prude, you gotta have some respect for people’s moms!

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Christ yall lol. XD

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Um…yeah… I’m no prude, but all bets are off when it’s my kid! <chuckles quietly>

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Sorry I’m late! :(

Oh @KatawaGrey, you’re great. From one Kate to another, I’d like to congratulate you for getting to 20k! You deserved each and every one of those points! You’re a fantastic lady and you’ve got a great sense of humor. I hope you stick around for much longer! Love ya, girly!

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Lets do it all over again!

I will bring the beer and fresh baked Italian bread! (I spent the last three days learning how to bake it!)

:D CONGRATS @KatawaGrey !!!!!! :)

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Amazing parade!

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~Will all 20K @KatawaGrey jellies plz report to the fish bowl to claim their prize~


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Congratumalationitorizm @KatawaGrey !!

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@Meego JESUS CHRIST. O_O That’s awesome lol.

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LOL! You can learn its easy!

it’s just copy and paste

Cheers! ♪(^^)o∀*∀o(^^)♪

( ^ _ ^)∠☆Congrats!

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Congratulations, I hope there are nibbles left for the fashionably late?

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@Neizvestnaya : Are you bringing your new “plus one” to join the party? There’s champagne left to toast to you guys, too!

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@JilltheTooth: The Mr. is so anti-social media stuff though he does like to look over my shoulder in fascination ;p

Champagna for everyone, wee hee!

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OMG I’ve been gone three weeks and missed this?

I need to do a better job timing my holiday travel and real life distractions.

Anyhow, belated congrats to you. You’re a wonderful member of the collective and 20K is a well-deserved honor.

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