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What is the best place for a sunny car camping spot near a swimming hole within a couple of hours of San Francisco?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) May 13th, 2008

I want to do a 1 night trip for my bday coming up and go somewhere that will be sunny and warm. I’m thinking of staying away from spots in the forest that will be all shady and cold for that reason, which is why I am not so into Big Sur or Big Basin. I was considering the Yuba river, maybe up near Pt. Reyes… any other great places in the greater bay area? I will likely need a site that will accommodate a large group, perhaps 20 people? Also: I don’t want it to be a place overrun by families or kids….

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oh yeah and no RVs, or at least far from RVs

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I would head up to Chico Ca and check out Bidwell Park.

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Steep Ravine at Mt. Tamalpais is not wooded. It is primitive, and has a limit of five people per cabin or campsite, but there are nine cabins and seven campsites.

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Muir Beach in Sausalito is reasonably nice. It’s a small beach, and there is a nude beach right next to it (called Stanton Beach I think), so consider this if you’re bringing kids. Green Gulch Farm Zen Center is also nearby if you want some cultural tourism. They offer terrific vegetarian food to the public on certain days of the week.

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