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Would you be surprised if I told you I am really Batman?

Asked by zensky (13367points) November 10th, 2011

I may or not be, but has someone recently “blown you away” with something surprising and revealing about themselves?

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An enigmatic man with multiple identities… Batman isn’t really that much of a stretch.

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I might not be surprised if you said so, but I would be unlikely to take that claim seriously.

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Guys – read the details.

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I found out a guy who seemed kind of average in high school, not in any advanced classes, got a Doctorate at Stanford in Astrophysics, and has participated in some amazing projects. That blew me away.

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I read the details the first time around and didn’t have any examples. So I wrote something snarky instead. Fair enough?

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I learned that Madlib was also the mastermind behind Yesterday’s New Quintet, the Joe McDuphrey Experience, Ahmad Miller, as well as Quasimoto, half of Jaylib, and half of Madvillain. I’m seeing him tomorrow night and I’m pretty excited about it.

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I love Batman…
Nothing too recent, but it was a shocker when my sister was suddenly a lesbian. And when my other sister got pregnant.

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@AshLeigh Wait, those two things are unrelated, right? I mean otherwise….....

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@rojo, I said my other sister. :P

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@AshLeigh True, and I wanted to be sure the two were unrelated (pun intended).

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@AshLeigh Well, from her perspective she wasn’t suddenly a lesbian. She’s probably been into girls for ages, worried about telling the family, tried to pick the right moment and the right way to tell you.

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Yes, because you’ve always struck me as smarter than that. If you really were Batman, is seems like you’d be smart enough not to tell everyone.

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@Haleth, I know that. But it was sudden to me. :)

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Oh yes. An entire group of women shocked the hell out of me a few weeks ago. They suffered from some sort of ‘group hysterical amnesia’. Two were out-right delusional, but I could understand the one who was almost 70. She hasn’t been herself for months.

(truthfully, it was a case of ‘we can’t use her like we used to, so let’s kick her out of our group. She’s a foreigner and doesn’t fit in.’)

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For years my mother told me my middle name was Walter & I was born on Friday 13th.
Turns out I have no middle name & it was a Thursday I sprang into this world.
What surprises me about this is, my mammy seems to be a little “bent”, for want of a better word.

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@Haleth Fair enough.

@lillycoyote – probably one of the nicest compliments ever. Thanks!

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The story of U-Boat Commander Werner Hartenstein as depicted in the movie which I saw last week. Never heard about this story before. So in 1942 in the middle of WWII rescued British soldiers and civilians celebrated together with German soldiers inside this submarine after a crash dive that almost failed. They hugged each other with tears of joy in their eyes. And one was saying, you look like a friend, not an enemy. That blew me away. You could literally feel that they wanted to be friends. And it’s the story the survivors of the Laconia told the world. None of U-boat soldiers survived when they were assigned their next mission.

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I don’t think you’re so smart Batman.

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I rarely have contact with people other than family members. I truly do not get out much. When I used to do clinical work, such occurrences were more commonplace and the examples are still confidential.

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No because I don’t really believe you

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I just found out a friend of mine works on the kill floor of a slaughterhouse.

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