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If you had the choice to make great to insane amount of money or Fluther, which would you choose?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) November 11th, 2011

If in order to make, create, or produce a great amount to an insane amount of money you had to sacrifice 80% or more of your Fluther time, would you? Or is Fluthering something you have to do, and money will not get in the way of it?

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Sorry, my lurvlies, I’ll take the cash.

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Me too. Sorry guys, I love you all, but I am going to take the money and run.

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.. Out of the time I spend per day on Fluther? I’d still be on Fluther for an hour, or more every day. So I’d take the money. Hah.
If I had to give up Fluther all together, I wouldn’t be able to do it. :)

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cash, then you could hire your own team of geniuses to answer any questions you have… maybe I would just pay you all to be at my beck and whim on a website such as this (but obviously wouldn’t be fluther) then I would have the cash too…

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I love you little jellies, but I am jumping ship for the cash too.

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I’d quit Fluther for $35 and a six pack.

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Show me the $$$$$

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Fluther is how I make my money. It’s certainly not a ‘great to insane’ amount though, so I’d take the cash, too!

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I don’t get the question.
But if there is money involved I am gone (too).

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I love me some Fluther but I’d go with the cash.

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I would go for the money and temporarily give up Fluther.

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This is a silly question, we’d all take the money.

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Ok, the stakes don’t seem high enough.
what about… if you had to give up (a) facebook; (b) emailing; or© the internet entirely?

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$$ of course

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I would carefully white board the pro’s and con’s of each.

Only then can I make a decision.

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tic tic tic…..

without knowing more information, I would do what I need to to survive and keep me happy. If fluther is one of those things that keeps me happy, then I will find a space of time for it no matter what.

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Fluther. Just to be different.

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Since money is the main reason I can not have another baby, I’d drop Fluther like a hot potato, get rich and get pregnant! I’d keep up with most of you on facebook or something. =0)

I love you guys an awful lot, but we needz another baby, precioussss.

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What would I have to do to make the money? If it was something I believed in, and would be as interesting and engaging as fluther (like being Dr. Wundy or something on a TV show), then I’d take the cash. If it was representing investment banks in Washington, you can forget it. It also depends on the hours. I am not doing more than thirty hours a week of work, and only 20 hours of that is work directly related to my job. Unless it is so much fun, I want to do more.

A lot of conditions, dude. You gonna be able to hire me away?

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Of course I would let Fluther go.

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Define “insane amount of money:”

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Well, given that fluther is what I do in my spare time, I guess I have already made the decision that it’s fluther… I could be working in an all-hours job that presumably meant I earnt decent money (which for me would translate into an insane amount of money), but I’ve chosen not to… and so I have more spare time, less money, resulting in more time on here! :-p

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It depends on what I would have to do during that time I’m taking away from Fluther for the money.

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I would sacrifice fluther in a heartbeat. Jellies live outside too and you don’t have to type to them. Just talk.

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I would take the money.

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I don’t really need more money, I’ll take the Jellyfish Group.

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I’d take the money if doing so only entailed abandoning Fluther, but if I actually had to expend some effort (euphemism for four letter word “w*rk”), I’d stay here.

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Since I spend so much time on Fluther, it would probably leave me being on as much as anyone else normally is on, so yeah, the money.

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Cash rules everything around me. C.R.E.A.M, get the money, dolla dolla bill y’all.

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It depends on how the money is being made.

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husband was just laid off again :(


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@jonsblond Mine is still out of work, too. I feel you. :(

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Where is the cut off between not so great, great and insane ammounts? of money.

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Been Nice knowing ya. $$$$$
See ya.

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Someone should have flagged this for not explaining how much a great amount and an insane amount of money is. :P.

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Christ, would I ever. Sorry.

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@FutureMemory Someone should have flagged this for not explaining how much a great amount and an insane amount of money is. :P. I see, I mention X amount of money is great, then Joe Blow can come back and say, “I can live with ⅓ of that”, or John Q can say it was too little. I am sure the smart people of this Lagoon, have some idea above what level good money is. If they don’t, maybe they are really Amish and do not know it.

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I am sure the smart people of this Lagoon, have some idea above what level good money is

Does this make sense to anyone?

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Well, some here are trying to only be polite and to find out how much…or how little, it would take to blow everyone off here. An insane amount is a no brainer. Everyone could accept that, but how little money would it take is the real curiosity. It’s putting a value on friendship, or lack of, isn’t it? It’s an answer I’m sure some would rather not know :/

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I think $200K a year would keep me off here for a job I liked. For a job I didn’t like, it would be upwards of $500k a year, but I’m not sure about that. I’m not sure any amount of money would get me to leave fluther—or anywhere else—to do a job I hated. Still, I guess I might put up with it for a few months if they paid me $1.2 million per year. I doubt if I could do it for more than 3 or 4 months, though.

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I am not sure how much it would take. If someone said to me, “you can earn this $xxx,xxx.00 but for this legitimate reason, you have to give up Fluther”, I would do it (it would need to be a big figure and a legitimate reason). However, if it was just “this job is really busy and you can earn $xxx” I don’t know that I would want to stay away from Fluther. For me it is relaxation. If you have a busy job, no matter how much you earn, you need some downtime. For me, Fluther IS downtime.

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It’d have to be enough to pay off all my debt, and give me a good head start on the future. Anything less, and I’m staying.

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But will money be worth anything in the future?

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My dad used to say, banks are the Devil’s temples.

And so it shall remain, until we have a zombie epidemic. Irony.

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It would be cool to make a fire with money,if thats all it’s good for.

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Tell you what, @woodcutter. You give me all your money, and I’ll give you ten times as much stuff that will make a really great bonfire. Deal?

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@wundayatta photocopy hundreds of bills so they look real, rent a suit and burn them on your front yard.

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@XOIIO What drug are you on? I never said I wanted to burn anything. I am, however, interested in taking custody of @woodcutter‘s cash, since he thinks it’s worthless and wants to burn it. I don’t think a photocopied substitute will do for him, either.

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@wundayatta Meth, ecstacy, cocain and weed.

Nah, just chose the wrong person.

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^^ Haha. :D

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@wundayatta Ha, I didn’t say build a fire with all the money, just enough to get it going for a while. And also to a response from @augustlan about getting a head start for the future^^, and the consideration the way it’s being printed up so fast would it not be worth anything but to make a fire with. If you had all my cash to get a blaze going right now, there wouldn’t be much of a heat signature.

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