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Can you contribute to the CD Best of Wok - Music While You Wok?

Asked by rebbel (24994points) November 11th, 2011

Can you help me find titles of songs that would look great on the playlist of the Best of Wok CD?
Walk Like An Egyptian The Bangles, Walking On The Moon The Police, that kind of titles I am looking for!

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We Will Wok You by Queen

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Woking on a Sunshine. Katrina and the Waves

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Wok Around The Clock

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Camel Wok by Southern Culture on the Skids.

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Okay here’s a serious suggestion for ya.
When the wife cooks I like to listen to I Will Survive!

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@flutherother Is that a Korean song? ~
@all I’m glad you got my intention, although apparently the British contingent hears rock when walk is being said :-)

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You mean like Dionne Warwok’s Wok on By?

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Wok This Way, Aerosmith

Wuvs Me Wike a Wok, Paul Simon

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Hmm, the Dutch contingent appears to be woking on thin ice :¬)
Under The Boardwok…...uh huh, oh yeah!

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And Johnny Cash’s famous cooking number: I Wok the Line.

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We skate on it…, you know that, @ucme.
It is just that I expected to get You’ll Never Wok Alone from you ;-)

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Wok – Pantera; simple and to the point.

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How about that Vietnamese favorite: Just Wok Away, Renee?

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These Boots Are Made For Woking
Wok The Dinosaur

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Since (some of) you are using woking, am I correct to think that the spelling in my question is wrong (wokking)?

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Wok Like a Man

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Wok of Life – Dire Straits
Wok on – John Hiatt
A Wok – Bad Religion
Wok Away – The Kooks

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When You Wok Through a Storm

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Wokking barefoot – Ash
Wok out the front door – Bonnie Raitt

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“You’re Timeless to Me” from the Hairspray soundtrack – sung by Christopher Wokken

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I’ve Been Wokking on the Railway

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Wok and Roll All Night by Kiss

this feels just like the Whose Line best of compilation infomercial game!!

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Wokkin For a Living Huey Lewis and the News

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You generally can’t go wrong with generic Wok and Woll.

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Woking in Memphis.

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