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Excellent Mechanical engineering books?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (678points) November 11th, 2011

Do you have any suggestions for good mechanical engineering books? Books that discuss concepts, materials, etc in a interesting manner. Bigger picture books, in particuar, are interesting to me.

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How technical are you going for and what aspect of ME (broad field)? When you say picture book it makes me think you’re not interested in the classic textbooks…

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I don’t have a particular one to suggest, but my father sells these types of books on Amazon. You might want to look to see what is available. He has people around the world seek out particular engineering books no longer in print.

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I would have to say that Machinery’s Handbook (now in it’s 29th edition) is the book you want is you want information and knowledge. As for “in an interesting manner” though… it is a reference work and thus rather dry. Still, extremely comprehensive and informative.

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Yep, if you want to correctly design anything mechanical, Machinery’s Handbook is the way to go. I also like the McMaster-Carr catalog – all kinds of stuff to buy and put together.

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@RocketGuy “McMaster-Carr” Great catalog! I did not know about them. Just browsing gives me some ideas. And thanks to both you and @jerv for the pointer to Machinery’s Handbook.

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McMaster-Carr: toy store for tinkerers!

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