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Is consent needed when traveling with baby across US states?

Asked by curiousk (125points) November 11th, 2011

I am a single mother planning to travel for new year’s to spend it with relatives. If I am traveling from NY to Missouri with my 7month old baby, will I need her father’s consent even if her birth certificate has both of our last names and he is no longer in our lives? We are flying with American Airlines.

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One of my daughters wanted to move to another State with my grandson when he was born. If he found out you left, he could start proceedings to demand you come back with the baby, but for just a visit, I think you’ll be ok.

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Yes, but will I need a notarized consent letter from him to board the plane?

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Call the airline. I have never heard of a parent needing a letter for domestic travel, only international. Do you have full custody? Was there anything stipulated in your divorce, if you are divorced, that said you can’t leave the state with your child?

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I don’t think so… of course I haven’t flown with a baby in years. What does the airline say?

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Well, at the moment I can’t get a hold of a real person on the phone, just the automated recordings.

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No, you don’t need anything from him to fly across country or to visit. The only time you would need consent is if you are under a court ordered custody that carried a restriction.

I have flown with both my kids cross country without having to show anything to the airlines. They don’t care.

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@curiousk What airline? I never have that problem unless there are storms cancelling flights.

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It completely depends on custodial rights. If he has none, you’re fine. Especially if it is just a visit. Relocating might be another matter if he has some visitation rights.

And absolutely, the airlines do NOT get involved in these matters at all.

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I recently traveled by air with my 4 year old granddaughter. I didn’t have to have any documentation from her parents, they (airlines) didn’t even ask for ID for her, although I did have it and I also had notarized permission from both of her parents, just in case.

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