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How's November treating you?

Asked by Tbag (3325points) November 12th, 2011

I love November even though sometimes it can be sad but I still love it ! Do you like November? How’s it treating you so far?

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It started out terribly.
It just got a hole lot better.

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Mine went the opposite way; it started out great and just turned to shit.

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I’m having a good month so far.

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Lots of changes, all of them exciting!

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Mine is trending upward so far.

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I am enjoying thus month because it is like a harvest view of all the creative accomplishments that went on in rhe rural cottagestead and also because I will have a long overdue empty nest ar the end of the month. I am excited about reoccuping the spaces that will become available,

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The verdict is still out. Although I do love Thanksgiving. A salute to gluttony.

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Good. Enjoying the beautiful fall weather, some rain, the colors on my mountain and seeing the most magnificent Blacktail bucks in rut, herding the does around my hill.

I was blown away by one huge guy last night, stunning he was!

Looking forward to my daughters 24th B-Day celebration at my house on Tues. and just finiihed canning about 15 jars of our famous apple/cranberry relish.

Nothing like fall in the Sierra foothills. :-)

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My birthday was on the 7th. So it’s awesome.

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It hasn’t felt at all like November here. The weather has been coming straight from the sunny south and it has felt very mild and almost Spring like. The sun is now setting in a peaceful sky above a peaceful world.

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GREAT. We have already gotten two snow storms that were even more gorgeous than usual since the leaves on all the trees were still bright colors. Today it is wildly windy. Last night I sang “Leave a tender moment alone” by Billy Joel at karaoke and even impressed myself with my skill. I’m excited for November….and I’m going to Telluride (an exquisitely beautiful ski town in southwest Colorado, for those who don’t know) next weekend and am super siked for that as well. Yay life.

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I LOVE November. My birthday is in November and then there’s Thanksgiving. I love the leaves changing and all the beautiful colors. However this November is quite disappointing as far as the temperatures go. For example next week is supposed to be in the mid 70’s. I like the 50’s for highs and 30’s for lows!

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Good. Always good.

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I think our days turn to shit because we allow it too. November wasn’t a bum at all for me ! I would love to reply to each and everyone of you here ‘cause all those answers are ” November answers ” if it makes any sense haha. Bright colors, winter and the cold breeze! @Coloma My birthday is on the 24th too!

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Actually @Tbag sometimes there are very real causes.

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The weather has been rather good for November…just for that…am not complaining…;)

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Could be worse so far! I like November.

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It’s going quite well. It’s thankfully milder than some novembers we’ve had here in the UK, and school’s going well too. No complaints.

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Oh my I just realized how far we are into November! I don’t know how it’s been treating me. I can’t remember anything after Halloween really…. Where does the time go???

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My husband was just temporarily laid off. That means two weeks without any pay coming in before we finally get an unemployment check in a few weeks. That doesn’t help us with Christmas, at all.

Other than that, just peachy.

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November is one of those months that money just falls into my pocket. February is another.
August is brutal.
This November has been wonderful, so far, and I have a big finish planned.

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Not so different as any of the other months. I started a new hobby. Getting annoyed at one of the local radio stations for playing Christmas music already.

@jonsblond I hope things turn around for you guys. It bites.

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I don’t even know it’s November. So it’s treating me busily.

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The darkest month of the year. It’s treating me like a queen. Could stand to be a little colder though.

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Well I was out of work for a while due to another place of employment closing down and I had to take a job back in June that was very far away and for literally ½ the pay I made before doing the same thing. It was a nightmare but I quit that job and have taken a new job in a different type of employment field that I never did before but this job seems to be working out, and I only have to work a 3 day weekend shift and I get the weekdays off. The money isn’t bad either considering that it is closer and I’m saving $120 week in gas. I Won’t say no more, don’t want to jinx it.

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This [redacted] November is about as [redacted] at the las [redacted November. I can easily flush it down the [redacted] and not give it another [redacted] thought.

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