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How many sex offenders live in your city?

Asked by cheebdragon (19819points) May 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I have 2 homes, one in Pomona, Ca and another in Murrietta, Ca.
Pomona has over 198 (65 within 3 miles of me) registered sex offenders, and Murrieta has 29 (0 within 5 miles of me).
How many are in your city?

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Haven’t counted, but this is Ireland! Divorce was only legalized 12 years ago and, well, catholicism is the predominant religion…........

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What’re you using as a source? Something like Vision 20/20’s Offender Locator?

For me, one lives one street over… and another couple dozen or so in a 5 mile radius.

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the California sex offender registry website, there is a group home for recently released offenders right around the corner.

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BTW, in all fairness, taking a leak behind a dumpster is considered “lewd behavior”. A conviction for that would land someone on the list of sexual offenders, right alongside the serious sickos.

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I know a lady who had to register as a sex offender because she flashed someone on the freeway so of course there are people who are on the list that don’t really belong there, Just like there are innocent people in prison. Its still important to know how many offenders are living in your city.

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@wildflower, what are you implying? That Catholics are not sex offenders?

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Not exactly…...I was hinting at the emotional and sexual suppression that is, unfortunately, part of this culture and leaving to the imagination what this may lead to in relation to sexual offences.

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Los Angeles is marvelous in many respects, however, there are nearly 50 sex offenders within 5 miles of my home.I don’t know how many are in the entire city of Los Angeles, or in the Greater Los Angeles area, but I suspect they are very large numbers.

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@wildflower, just in case you aren’t familiar, every jurisdiction in the U.S. has a sex offender registry and most if not all of them are available online. We love to hate sex offenders, and it’s an easy sell for politicians.

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Thanks kevbo. Have heard of it. And I’m not entirely sure I’m in favor of the ‘name and shame’ approach.
If you get a chance, look up a British satire show called Brasseye with Chris Morris. There’s an episode on pedophilia and how to take it too far….

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I was once talking to a U.S. Marshal in my city and he was telling me that the Marshals and FBI once went undercover to local youth sporting events (pee wee football games, little league baseball, etc) and found that even though sex offenders in that area were not supposed to be within a mile or so of children’s events, there were at least 5 or 6 sex offenders at each event. Bear in mind where I live has a population of roughly 500,000. It was pretty alarming to know how many there are out there.

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Emotional suppression in Ireland? I’m aghast! Give me a Guiness, I’m on my way to Mass!

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how is in gibsonville

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