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Have any of you watched Jack and Jill?

Asked by xhaiteddyx (42points) November 12th, 2011

Someone said that I should go see a movie since it was cloudy. :) so I was thinking about seeing Jack and Jill with one of my friends! If any of you have watched this movie before, please give some feedback! Thanks!@

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Aww, wish I could help you out. I don’t usually get persuaded by early negative reviews but in this case, i’m going for the “Immortals” which, based on its trailer, could be awesome. If you are looking for a comedy, Tower Heist is a good bet. The good reviews were right. I found the trailer rather bland but the movie had some good stuff going for it.

However, if you are a Sandler fan, my guess is Jack and Jill wouldn’t be any better or worse than his other films since he does stick to his comedy formula. Inside the Sandler chocolate box, we always seem to know what we are going to get?

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Personally I have no interest in yet another movie where one guy dresses up twice.

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@mazingerz88 thanks for the help anyway :) and I am a Sandler fan :smiles:

@digitalimpression well, you have your opinions and i have mine :]

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No, but Jack & Jill the short-lived romantic comedy television series from a few years back was great. It starred Amanda Peet.

I hoped this thread was about that show. It’s not. :^(
:: leaving now :

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@cprevite Aw, don’t fret. Adam Sandler does comical productions. So, maybe when another version comes out like that, strong hope for the best!

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I want to go see it, maybe this weekend

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You should @sydsydrox ! :) It turns out pretty funny

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