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Do women watch the Victoria's Secret pageant - or is it only really intended for men?

Asked by zensky (13367points) November 12th, 2011

I mean, do women watch it and think “that is great lingerie – I need to buy some…”?

While we’re on the subject (and I’m watching it on the fashion channel – but strictly for research purposes) – what’s up with the model walk? Why do they walk that way – how did it evolve to be that unnatural strut?

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I don’t watch because I don’t find it interesting, but I think it may be slanted towards men so they will buy their SO’s lingerie. However, I do look at their catalog.

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I didn’t know it even existed.

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I’ve never heard of it and I don’t know any women or men who have watched it. I also have no desire now that I do know about it.

(I have a sneaking suspicion most men would rather watch sports or porn, not girls strutting around in lingerie. I could be wrong. You are watching it, Zen. :P)

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I didn’t know there was one. Frankly, I don’t understand why any woman would either watch or participate in a pageant.

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I don’t watch it, but have seen portions of runway of Victoria Secret, and the women are generally beautiful. I appreciate a beautiful body, face, clothing, but it is not something I would tune to on purpose. For sure Victoria Secret catalogs are looked at by men more when it arrives in households. I say for sure, because that is what I hear from men, that they look at it, not that I read any concrete statistic.

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I have seen parts of it and it is so popular in some circles that there is a link on one of our news websites to excerpts to it. I think the primary motive for the Victoria’s Secret show is that it is a fashion show. It is about exhibiting their lingerie. There is no competitive element in the same way as a ‘beauty pageant’. The models who participate are (I believe!) at the top of their field and so it has prestige for them to participate in a Victoria’s Secret show. I am sure there are both men and women who watch it and it has been going for so long now, it must bring VS sales or at least a lot of attention. The first was in 1995 If you compare it to the parades now and it is clear they are totally different. Much more over-the-top, with VS ‘Angels’ and wings galore.

I have heard men say they watch it. I suspect this is a bit ‘tongue in cheek’ though and those men I have heard talk about it have been young. I don’t know if most men are really so shallow as to sit through an underwear fashion show unless it is as a bit of a laugh. And the walk… no idea @zensky.

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Oh I watch it for a laugh, @Bellatrix – and for medicinal purposes. Like the whiskey I have in my cupboard.

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:-) if watching beautiful women strutting around in gorgeous lingerie does your heart good (and why should it not?), you go for it @Zensky.

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I chanced upon it.

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I don’t watch it personally, but I know quite a lot of women who watch it religiously and absolutely love it. I’ve seen tons and tons of pictures, so I might as well have watched it. They have the most outrageous outfits, it’s cute. There was one that looked like a literal inner tube around her waist. Like a pool toy for children.

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I would imagine yes, a lot of women watch it for the lingerie style. Lingeries whether its for their sexiness or comfort, could be very important to them I suppose. What’s up with the model walk? I’m guessing attitude. Confident, cocky, sexy.

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I watch it but mainly because I adore Adriana Lima although, the lingerie is lovely.

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No, it’s not only ‘intended’ for men. I watch. The lingerie is lovely. I also love the way they’ve done their hair and the shoes are really pretty too.

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It’s a fashion show, and it is intended primarily for those who are in the fashion industry. I have a friend in the industry, and she watches it every time (or she goes and sees it live). It’s not so much about selling a product as it is about selling an image.

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