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Leads on Farm Work Trade/House Sitting gigs On Big Island?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) November 12th, 2011

I just finished a work trade gig in North Kohala, at a permaculture institute called HIP Agriculture, and am looking for a new adventure.

I can do nearly anything needed ({farm}building gardens, planting, weeding, etc… building composting toilets, caring for live stock, so on and so forth…{home} general maintenance, for example sweeping, dishes, moping, painting, minor repair, pet care, etc), and will work for minimal accommodations (camp space, and access to a kitchen (propane stove and running water, nothing more needed).

What places would you recommend I check out?

Are there options for accommodations I am over looking? etc etc etc

Thanks in advance for all the help. On top of that, I would love to network more in Hawaii so if you live on Big I, shoot me a PM.


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The best place to look is and to ask at the place where you’re working now.

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unfortunetly craigslist has nothing, and the place i just finished at, is to isolated to know of anything else….but mahalo any how…aloha

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Hopefully this isn’t the same place that you just worked, but This Place sounds like a good match for you.

Or maybe This Farm

Or this list of Temporary Jobs

Or this Work Study Internship Program

Or This Farm

I don’t know how current any of the listings are, but if you do more online searches use search terms like internship, work exchange, temporary positions, live work opportunities, and work for trade opportunities and volunteer positions.

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How about La’akea ?

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