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Could a nose job help my low lip-line?

Asked by kyleharzo (72points) November 12th, 2011

The nose bone (or cartilage) between my nostrils slants to be like half a centimeter from my two front teeth, maybe a millimeter. (I can feel the bone when I touch my teeth). It’s about where my labial frenulum was before I got a frenectomy a couple weeks ago.

So I have a low lip-line, meaning you can barely see my teeth when I smile and my upper lip barely moves when I talk. The middle of my upper lip is forced down by my nose, unable to move. Kinda like this, for lack of a better image:
It makes for a less-than-pleasing smile, despite my straight white teeth.
I wanna know what can solve this. Can I get the cartilage cut or moved up? Do I have to take off part of my lip (I want to grow a beard, and that probably will interfere with facial hair growth).

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Shouldn’t you be talking to a board certified plastic surgeon rather than a group of nice people who have absolutely no qualifications for discussing major facial surgery with you?

We can give you moral support and would be happy to do that.

Do you have a parent or relative who can help you with this decision?

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I don’t care about morals, unless you mean that this could possibly kill me, then I wouldn’t consider it.
I just want to know if it will help me.

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What she is saying is that we will support and encourage you in your decision, but a plastic surgeon is the only one qualified to tell you if it will help.

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I echo what is said above. You need the help of a plastic surgeon to give you an opinion. We do have some physicians on Fluther, but I’ve no idea if they have the knowledge you need.
By the way, I see nothing wrong with the looks of the man who’s photograph you showed us.

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How old are you? I am assuming you are a male because you talk of growing a beard. The reason I ask your age is because if you are younger than 25, your nose and jaw have still not stopped growing.

I am no doctor, but I would imagine that if you correct the “problem”, only to find out your nose and jaw still keep growing, you could end up with an exaggerated joker smile or something.

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@poisonedantidote I’d go for the joker look XD

Honestly, a nose job isn’t going to help from what I can see.

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