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Is it worse to be clean and messy or dirty and tidy?

Asked by Stinley (11525points) November 13th, 2011

If you are short of time do you tidy up rather than clean, or or you clean and leave everything out of place? Greasy but neat hairstyle or washed frizzy mess?

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I would rather be (and often am) clean but messy.

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I’m clean but messy at times. I have a friend whose house is dirty but tidy. I like my way better. It would be nice to be both clean and tidy, but oh well.

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In my opinion it’s worse to be dirty but tidy.
I’m the messiest person on earth when it comes to my bedroom, books all over the table, clothes on the chair, bed unmade. But I make sure the dustbin’s empty, the shelves are dusted and there’s no rotting bits of pizza crusts on my windowsill.

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Dirty and tidy is better, sure it’s clean but you’ll mess it up anyways looking for something, then it’s just a mess. Why not organize it in the first place where you put it?

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They both get done at the same time.

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Given those choices, I’d have to vote for “clean and messy,” because dirty is unhealthy.

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ahh I misread, but basically crap everywhere but somewhat organized.

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I’d rather be clean and messy, and I am.

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Clean and messy. I don’t think everything being in its exact proper place is important all the time, but I do appreciate good hygiene.

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I tend to be clean but messy. I think that is better for living, but worse if people drop by unannounced. Neither are good in extremes of course.

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I’m clean but messy (this is how my boyfriend regularly describe me!). Messy is fine, I live in clutter and that doesn’t bother me providing everything is clean! I was myself and my clothes probably more than necessary and I don’t leave dirty plates, mugs etc lying around. However, I have books, paperwork, clothes strewn all over the place.

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^ @Leanne1986 Then you must be my long lost twin sister! Hello sis ;)

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No-one is confessing to being dirty ;-) Well I do leave my hair a day or two too long because I can’t be bothered styling it. And I have a tidy up policy of shoving stuff under things and in boxes and cupboards, including dirt. Of course I do eventually get round to doing a proper job…

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@MilkyWay Do you get moaned at too about this? Myh family (when I lived at home) and now my boyfriend can’t stand clutter!

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@Leanne1986 Oh trust me, my mum moaning is daily routine.
“Look at the state of your room! How do you even know where stuff is? There’s hardly any space to walk. You need to pick those books off the floor, and hang up your clothes, and… blady blady blah.”

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My husband is not dirty but he is totally disorganized. He drives me nuts at times.
I wish someone could advise me how to motivate him to straighten up.
LOL I may not be the most organized person in the world but I put things away, close doors and shut lights. Despite that I do several things at once.
My husband is very quick and I think it is related. It is like his body can’t keep up with his mind.

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