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On my NFL fantasy team, does it matter if you start your players versus benched players?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) November 13th, 2011

I notice that my points are based off totals from bench and starters, does it matter if you actually start your players? Do you get more or less points? Do you get more points for winning? (I was wondering because understatus it states (win or loss). Thanks!

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Huh? Every commissioner can setup her team with different ways of scoring. I have never known of a way to get points for benched players though.

Are the wins and losses you are talking about maybe the stats for the team that particular player plays on?

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I’ve never even seen an option for bench players points to mean anything other than crap I should have put them in.


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Oh, yeah, that’s right @digitalimpression. Yahoo shows what points the player would have scored for you if you hadn’t benched them. Webster’s down. I want to smack talk you 9er, but I’ll wait. Damn Giants.

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[Mod Says:] We have a chat room guys! Being as this is in General it is not the best place for live game talk.
Get the nachos and beer and rock that chat room!

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A good example would be if you played the NYGs as your defense tonight, depending on how the commissioner had set up the league for scoring, you might be very sorry, @whitetigress. If you’d used the 49ers defense or had their quarterback playing, you’d be happy and probably be congratulating 49er fans.

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