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Suppose 2012 really was the last year. What would you do?

Asked by MilkyWay (13650points) November 13th, 2011

I’d like to know, what people would do if they knew for definite that in December 2012 the world would end. You have just over a year to do whatever it is you want to do before dying.
So, what do you do?

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Stop working, pull my kids from school, and start exploring as much of the world as possible.

But I think if everyone knew this was it, society would fall apart pretty quickly as everyone quit working.

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I’d ask to leave early. The most dangerous thing about this belief is that if people think the world is ending, they will act like “short-timers” at work. They won’t try to do anything, won’t plan for anything and won’t care about anything.

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Good points made by both of you, I like it.
Keep em coming folks.

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Live for fun for 12 months.

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What I just came in from doing. Took a hike down to my lower pasture amidst 400–500 year old Oak trees in a rugged ravine with my geese, my cat tagging along, a little pack of snacks and a few Coronas. Did a little hunting around for signs of cougars, deer caches, and sat under the hangin’ tree and read a new book on Cougar attacks, encounters of the worst kind, while offering up myself and the pets as decoys to flush a lion outta the woods.

Of course it’s dusk now, the best time to see these guys, but, I ran out of Coronas. lolol

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Lol! I just might join you @Coloma ;)

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@MilkyWay great fun, great, woo hoo..into the wild!

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Same thing I do every day Pinkie… try to take over the world!

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Fluther with the last jellies that would hang around.

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Liquidate all my stock market accounts and try to spend it all. An elderly man recently told me that when you are young your money isn’t yours unless you save it and when you are old your money isn’t yours until you spend it.

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I’d go explore some Inca ruins.

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I guess I’d stop considering buying Docs since I won’t really need new shoes if we’ve only got a year left.

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Hmmm… I’d have to do all the daredevil stunts that I’ve avoided so far, like bungee jumping, skydiving, swimming with sharks, etc… I’d also stop caring if my dinner has 25,000 calories. I would make sure my kids had gobs of fun every single day. I’d acquire multiple credit cards and use the “money” to travel all over the world.

Hmmmm, I’d also like to go streaking at a sporting event.

And I would want to finally sleep with a woman before the end.

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Not sure what I would do but I definitely would not buy a 2013 calendar.

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Hahaha….very good! Welcome to the zone! ;-D

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I would spend the rest of my time trolling people that ask about 2012.

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I probably would try to get back into dirt biking and pack heat from now on because nobody would care about gun laws. The last few months are going to be ugly and I want to die on my own terms, or as close to them I can get with an asteroid coming after my ass.

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Beg my husband to quit his job (I assume I would not have to beg actually) and travel for at least 2 months. Then spend time with family and friends. Move back to FL.

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Purchase a sniper rifle, round up all the world’s imprisoned paedophiles & well, let the games begin!

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Celebrate Christmas before Dec 21

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Eat, play, dance, sing, shower, swim, dress up, kiss, hug, love, pray.
And have sex in the most random places.

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@Blackberry (Gulps) I’d be really worried if it were really happening then.

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Honestly I’d scoff and say it was all BS, just like all of the other end of the world predictions. Then that day would come and I’d be all… “Well… DAMN…:” right before the big finale.

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If we really knew it was the last year, we wouldn’t have to put up with all the election bullshit next year.

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