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Where is your favorite place to spend time? Are you there now?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14664points) November 13th, 2011

Does your family have a homestead, or an old camp you sometimes visit?

Do you have any place in that is in your mind loaded with positive memories? Do you regularly visit?

When was the last time you were there?

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Before I retired, I had this one location that I loved to drive my police car and just watch the cars go by. I use to write or finish my police reports at this location. It was in a big parking lot, which overlooked a six-lane parkway. I made many decisions, sitting at this location. Most of the time, the parking lot was empty, so I practically had it to myself.

This was my “think time”. Time to catch up on my reports and traffic citations I had written that day. Of course, this was between police calls and everything was quite, except that computer voice on my laptop that kept saying “you have mail waiting”. I always had mail waiting on my police computer.

I would sometimes check out my 30 minutes for lunch and just sit watching the cars go by.

This was not a glorious place, such as a lake or the ocean, but it was my think tank.

Being retired, I can think back to this location and associate it with calls I received and people I arrested.

The past is the past, but the memories never fade away.

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My favorite place to be is on stage singing. I feel so at home and it excites me to perform for others. I wish I was on stage right now. :)

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The sea and no.

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I love being in Boca Raton, FL. I’m not there now. I do regularly visit, and hope to live there, or near there, again.

Right now I am in my family room and I like it a lot here too. I like being where my husband is.

I have very fond memories of going to the Catskills with my grandparents when I was young. I haven’t been back in 30 years.

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My home, and yes.

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My house, and yes. It’s cozy.

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One of the legacies of life as a military brat is not having an old homestead. I don’t really picture anyplace as home.

I guess I think of Seattle as my home, but it has been two years since I have been there.

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If I am with my boyfriend I like to spend time near water or near mountains, given the choice I would be in Scotland. If I am on my own I like to chill out in my flat with the knowledge that I don’t have to do anything or go anywhere. I’m not in either of those places right now.

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My favorite place in the world is the woods. There’s no explaining how much I love it or even why.

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We’ve vacationed in a few places over the years that we’d love to go back to. Dominica. Chincoteague. Squam Lake.

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I love anyplace by the ocean. It soothes me to hear and see the waves crashing to shore. Right now I am home and that is nice. When I travel, much as I love it, it feels so good to step inside my front door and be home again!

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