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I need some help with writing, will you help me? (Details inside).

Asked by MilkyWay (13650points) November 14th, 2011

Okay, I am currently writing a short story in which there is some dialogue with slang involved. I have no idea what to write as I don’t talk slang, neither am I exposed to much of it. I would really appreciate it if some of you jellies could help out on this :)
I wanted some derogatory words for a minor, some words to describe a geek ( I don’t want to use that term) and some other slang words used in everyday life. The more the better.
Thank you :)

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From what side of the pond would you prefer?

We usually refer to sports kit/burberry wearing youths as “Chavs”.

…and a few more besides.

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geek: dork, moron, nerd, dweeb?

I can’t think of slang words for “minor” right now, and I don’t know what sort of other slang you’re looking for.

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@Mat74UK UK would be the preferance, thanks :)
@WillWorkForChocolate Not NSFW, just how and what kids around 16 would say in and about school…

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Ahh, gotcha. The only thing I know off the top of my head about school is something my oldest daughter and her friends say:


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Lmao! Thanks Chocolate ;)

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Oh, well that’s pretty easy. They often call each other “gay”, without regard to the colloquial meaning of the word (what we take it to mean). I’ve often wondered about that.

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@CWOTUS I am not going to use gay that way. It drives me around the bend, lol!
Thanks though.

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kids: muppet, shorty, munchkins

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Is it important for the short story to resemble our culture closely? If not, create a new vocabulary of slang just for your short story. Just because we use these slang words, doesn’t mean your characters have to.

In Fantastic Mr.Fox every character uses the word ‘cuss’ in place of any bad word. It is never explained why, we just go along with it. It creates a unique & solid environment. Just make sure the context of your slang words are clear.

If it helps, create a quick backstory for new slang words. For example, in the beginning of the story, in the middle of juvenile bickering a kid calls his buddy a ‘wet noggin’ . The word comes up a couple more times through out the story. We get that it is an insult, but not sure why. Later in the story, a new kid asks about the word. It is then explained that, years ago, he fell for an obvious prank & as a result, he was soaked by a bucket of water that balanced on top of a door jam. Wet noggin has since become how they describe any person who is gullible/dim witted. This can clear the air on new slang & also add to a characters depth.

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Twits and facepalms?
This answer was inspired by social media.

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^ I really laughed at that.
@rpm_pseud0name I quite like your idea, but I’m afraid it is important for me to stick with what is the norm regarding the dialogue. Thanks for the great idea though, I can use it in my other stories :)
Thanks to everyone else replying too, I really appreciate it.

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