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Where do you find happiness?

Asked by Eroundy12 (90points) November 15th, 2011 from iPhone

When dealing with all the crap in the world, we often begin to feel down and depressed. What are some things that keep you going or help you see the bright side? Where do you find your happiness?

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In caring.

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Exercising. Singing. Making love. Being with friends. Cooking. if the little things in your life are not making you happy, perhaps you should talk to someone.

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I don’t look for it anywhere, I guess. I carry it with me.

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I find happiness within my relationship with my husband.

I find happiness watching the antics of my dogs or petting them.

I find happiness in sporting events.

I find happiness in the beauty of nature.

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I find happiness by looking at and appreciating the littlest things and the biggest things; I let the middle things take care of themselves without me for a while. I’ll read a book, have a conversation with a friend, drink a really good cup of coffee. Or, I’ll stand by the ocean, or watch a sunset (cliched, but effective), or get out the binoculars and study the features on the surface of the moon.
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Holding my newborn daughter.

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Happiness comes from unwinding actually…as in having some time to myself to relax or exercise. Quite the opposite of others, heh.

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Happiness is a state of mind.

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Happiness comes from within. Yes, the external world may have lots of bad things going on, but lets not judge. Let’s just say that we are grateful we are even alive to witness these events. It’s better than the alternative.

Happiness grows out of gratefulness, I believe. The more I appreciate, the happier I am. It can easy to fall into or be thrown into bitterness and sadness and self-destruction. I’ve so been there. It doesn’t always work, but I try very hard to remind myself of how grateful I am for the smallest to largest things. It helps.

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Is it wrong to be happier when being alone? Sometimes I just get so angry or irritated when I’m around family. They think I’m depressed because I can’t stand being aroud them and lock myself in my room. But then again when I’m with a group of people, maybe friends or people my age, I tend to separate myself from the group and do my own thing or just observe instead of participating.
So if I’m not happy around other people or don’t feel like dealing with others or whatever… Would you consider that depression?

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Considering this and your other Q, I would recommend indeed seeking some therapy. It’s not weird or wrong to be happier alone, but you might want to address why being around other people makes you upset. It sounds like there’s a lot of stuff roiling around in your head, an objective counselor could probably help you sort it out. Good luck with this.

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I you are wondering if it is depression, go see a psychiatrist to be evaluated.

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There is nothing wrong with being happier alone save for the lack of happiness when not; the only source of happiness is within ourselves.

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certain people, and myself.
and passion. ..

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I am most happy when I’m talking to a certain someone :)

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Music, talking with my friends.

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Quality time with my boyfriend especially when I know he has switched his phone of so he can’t get wrapped up in business calls. I enjoy nothing more than going for a walk with him and chatting about anything and everything.

I also love spending time with dogs (my own and the ones I work with).

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