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Have you ever gotten in trouble for something you posted on Fluther?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36383points) November 15th, 2011

Everyday we hear about some dumbass posting his or her plans to do something utterly illegal and stupid on Facebook or Twitter, and gets convicted because of it.
On a more minor scale, have you ever gotten into even a little trouble with a boss, friend, co-worker or relative who isn’t even part of the collective, because of something you posted here?

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Ha, yeah, people posting dumbass shit and then getting arrested…I especially notice stories like that when atrocities such as the Arizona shooting or the Akihabara slayings have occurred. Dozens of twits then proceed to make allusion to the happenings by saying they’re gonna go do something similar.
Sometimes though, they get ignored, and actually do go out and do it…

Never got in trouble for anything here, but then people in my entourage don’t have much of an interest in Fluther because it’s English, and everyone here is French. My roomate checked it out though, but hasn’t joined. I might get in trouble if she saw all the things I said about her though. XD But not really, what we say to one another offline is way worse haha. And I wouldn’t have showed her the site if I didn’t want her to see anything I may have said.
As for work, well I don’t have access to the Internet there, and as for school, well I’m paying for the courses, (not really, loans lawlz) so if I don’t pay attention and waste all my time on the net, the instructors don’t really give a shit. XD

Okay, I’m off to go slay some macaroni.

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Nope. I mind my P’s & Q’s, pretty much.

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No, I rarely play any of those kind of games, but I have occasionally been modded.

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I have to be pretty careful cuz the big blue chick knows where I live.

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There’s a bunch of stuff on here that could get me in serious trouble out in the real world, nothing my close friends would condemn me for, though. Some of them might read this stuff and say, “Huh, you really are as fucked up as we all thought. Want a beer?”

I told my mom she’d be shocked by some stuff if she joined and that she wasn’t allowed to make a big deal about any of it since it’s all stuff I’m used to or am using Fluther to come to terms with. She’s been pretty good so far. ;)

@JilltheTooth: Damn skippy, I do.

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Nope, just modded a few times and suspended once for 2 weeks for off topic jocularity.

What? You mean I can’t talk about my plans to open a brothel and buy an opium cartel to subsidize my income on my retirement years? ;-)

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@Coloma You? Suspended for two weeks? No way, I don’t believe that. :p

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@Symbeline I’m with you! @Coloma got suspended??!! We’ll see you in PM @Coloma!

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Coloma You? Suspended for two weeks? No way, I don’t believe that. :p

When they say no off-topic chatter in General, they mean it.

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Someone was trying to set an example, 2 weeks, thats harsh.

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@woodcutter Whenever someone is banned for the first time, I believe, it is for two weeks.

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GQ – nope, because none of my friends are on Fluther. I only get in trouble with Lisa, and occasionally a bubby or two will make a face at me. I think I have lost PM rights with some over posts I have made.

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that’s what my “uther fluther” identity is for

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No, but I wouldn’t care if I did.

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Yeah, an ex girlfriend checked out some of my answers and didn’t like that in some answer a long time ago, I said I would probably cheat if I knew I could get away with it.

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Not yet. ;)

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@Symbeline’s true! It was last Jan. til early Feb. My bad girl side came out. lol

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@Coloma I was there, and I believe the punishment was too severe, but deserved. P. S. I love your comments, but they were misplaced.

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Every suspension is a two week suspension, just for the record.

Sometimes my kids will call me out on something I’ve said (like the time I gave the wrong age for mangeons!), but since they are members here, I guess that doesn’t count. Other than that, and being modded occasionally, I can’t think of anything else.

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No, I only post what I’m not afraid of others knowing about me.

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Mods get modded too..well, makes sense, I don’t feel so bad anymore. haha

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The only thing I think that I could ever do, on Fluther, that might get me in trouble is to tell everybody about this wonderful, juicy, spicy British sausage recipe that I wanted to share and then forgot to cut and paste the correct thing and post the last thing that I looked up instead (which I oft do). Like this awesome recipe for Yummy British Sausage

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Yeah, the CIA actually caught me but I escaped to answer another day!

Don’t tell them I’m back!

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What’s really creepy is to post something on Fluther, then get a text about what you posted not even 5 minutes later…strange experience.

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I’ve gotten in trouble to the extent that my wife didn’t like me asking a question on here about how to handle a situation with our daughter. She thought it shouldn’t be on the internet. I argued it was anonymous. I didn’t win the argument with my wife, but I got some great advice which I followed.

Come to think of it, this answer would probably get me a glare or two.

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@cockswain That reminds me… I actually did get in trouble, with my ex, for a very similar situation. He didn’t like that I’d asked the collective’s opinion on whether we should let our daughter get a job. Looking back on it, he was probably right. Not so much because it was public, but because our daughter is a member here. FWIW, the collective and I soundly disagreed with him on the matter, but he still ‘won’. :/

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I think I will, pretty soon! :D

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You haven’t fluthered properly unless you’ve gotten into trouble fluthering.

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Hey @Sueanne_Tremendous Good to see you!

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@janbb Thanks and back atcha.

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