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Would you say Will-power can beat anything?

Asked by raven860 (2174points) November 15th, 2011

Would you say Will-power can beat anything? (By anything I mean most challenges life throws at us).
-If yes then can you share an incidentstory where such was the case.

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Willpower can do a lot indeed, but I don’t think it can do everything alone. You need some tools, some help, and some guidance. Or maybe my will power is too low, and that’s why I think that.
But I mean like, give me a hoard of zombies, I’ll be happy to dispatch them all. But if you don’t leave a scythe lying around at least, what the hell more can I do than want? Besides getting slaughtered.

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The whole point of Alcoholics Anonymous and all of the other 12 step groups is that will power won’t get you very far.

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Will Power can kick a lot, but you also need the reality of knowing what you are up against and what is possible and what is not possible will allow you the most practical means of getting there..

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Nope. It actually can’t beat a lot of stuff.

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I think it is important, but your sub-conscious is going to be the ultimate decision maker on whether you achieve your goals.

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I’m not sure if there is much willpower can beat. People believe they can control themselves, but I think it is mostly fooling themselves. They can bottle things up a while, but sooner or later it will come out and then you have a much bigger problem. Better not to fool yourself that you have control you don’t have.

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I have a case where I was kayaking across a huge bay on Isle Royale on Lake Superior by myself, and from a bright blue sky transcended a dark grey squall brewing over the Minong RIdge and heading upon me midway in this 1 mile shortcut I chose to take across this massive bay. The water was 35 degrees, and in a sea kayak, there is only so much you can do but to endure the waves
I can tell you I had “will-power” to make it to shore, there was lots of “our fathers” and I stopped going to church, and adrenaline. I guess that was what you would say, my will to “survive”.

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The only thing I have ever found which willpower could not beat was a bullet. : )

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Willpower alone won’t do everything, but you are limited in what you can do without willpower.

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Will power is needed to succeed in many aspects of our lives but to sit here and say that it can overcome anything.. no. Will power will make you strong enough to potentially beat the obstacle but it would have to depend on the scenario.

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I’d say no. And there are different stages of development of will power.

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