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How often do you spill coffee or something on yourself, your laptop, your keyboard or a friend?

Asked by zensky (13367points) November 15th, 2011
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Back in my drinking days, I spilled water on the man next to me in an airplane once. I was much to careful with alcoholic beverages to ever spill them. They were precious. ;-)

These days, I’ve never spilled anything on my computers or friends. I do occasionally spill things on myself like coffee or tea or battery acid. You know, the usual things.

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I don’t know if I have ever done any of those you mention. I never drink near my computer, and I don’t think I have spilled something on a friend? I must have I guess at one time or another. I almost never drink or eat in my car, and the last time I did, I actually spilled a little, which reconfirmed why I don’t do it. I actually was not eating, but bringing something home for my husband.

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Whenever I want. I do not need to justify myself to you.

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Some good paper drenchings once in awhile, but mostly a dribble, dribble here and à dribble, dribble there. Woolite Oxy Power Shot works miracles on carpets whenever it comes to that. Especially if your pet upchucks.

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I spilled an entire coffee while driving in the fall of 1990. This was the last time I spilled any beverage.

My son spills approximately 80% of every beverage he attempts to consume.

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It seems like it’s almost daily. I spilled coffee on my shirt and pants yesterday.

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Almost never thankfully! My brother on the other hand…

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I’m pretty tidy, I never spill anything. Most of my jobs have been waitressing, so you learn to never spill stuff while carrying it or serving someone. Although when I’m really tanked, sometimes I might fuckup on a gulp of beer and some of it falls on me. I’m a no good nasty barbarian, yarghz.
I’ve actually spilled an entire cup of coffee in a restaurant though…I have no idea what happened there, just moved too fast I guess. As I say, it usually doesn’t happen.

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I always spill coffee. I don’t know how I manage to do it quite as often as I do. I’m not a sloppy eater, but I do tend to either slosh my coffee over the rim of the cup, or somehow miss my mouth when trying to take a sip.

I also had a bad experience with Snapple once. I have a habit of shaking them even while I’m drinking a bottle (closed, of course), but it wasn’t closed when I thought it was and ended up emptying half of the contents of the bottle. In my face. And down my top.

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@Symbeline I have newfound respect for you xena – the one job I could never do (theoretically) is to wait. I don’t know how you guys do it – between the running around on your feet all day, carrying stuff, obnoxious a hole customers and little pay. A thankless job if there ever was one. In fact, I looked up “thankless job” and there was a picture of a waiter.

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