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A dish called Fluther, what would the recipe be?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) November 15th, 2011

Whether it’s a stew, salad, soup, omellete or BBQ recipe. Even dessert. What do you imagine a Fluther dish would have? How would it look and taste like?

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Eat Food, NOT TOO MUCH, Mostly Plants.

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A Jewish chicken soup for the soul, but vegan and with all kinds of exotic vegetables from all over the world. Okay, a stew of sorts.

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All I know is there would have to be nuts in this recipe. Deluxe assorted nuts, and lots of ‘em.

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Pancakes with little bits of spam in them.

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2 hits of LSD, a few Xanax, a bottle of chocolate syrup, 8 oz of vodka…

Microwave on high for 5 minutes, stir vigorously, and chug.

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A pinch of salt, a lot of sweet, and something savory.

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Somehow I just know that it would contain marshmallow fluff.

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It would definitely include a sweet & sour sauce to appeal to all the sweet & sour jellies.
Maybe some curry for those really hot headed verbal gourmets. Heh! ;-)

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Fluther Salad (just like Mama used to make):
In a large bowl, combine cracked nuts of many varieties, seasonal fruits, and hearts of palm. Mix well and serve over a bed of mixed/tossed greens. Top with the Fluther Dressing (recipe below). Serve on a plate designed “Just for You” with a side of picante ;-)

Fluther Dressing:
Oil and water, just enough of each to see that they really don’t mix
Spices, extracts, elixirs, intoxicants to taste

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A good mix of fruits and nuts. (j/k)

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A melange with fruit and nuts on top, but if you dig deep, you’ll get the roots and the real meat of the matter.

Best served to a group, and shared with a friend.

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I would think it would contain jellyfish and would be a Japanesey style soup with miso in it and seaweed.

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Marshmallow, meringue and whipped cream. (And chocolate brandy sauce).

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I have to agree with @wundayatta, it would be a jellyfish dish involving seaweed. yuk.

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Mulligan stew.

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Pancakes with syrup served off the naked bodies of supermodels.

I’ll do the dishes

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@augustlan I see wut j00 did thar! XD

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Whoa man.

I imagine it might be grass and fish, but that’s probably because of the theme here, as related to the word.

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@Symbeline see, I initially thought of some kind of fishy recipe as well, considering our nautical theme. However, I wanted to be different, and in keeping with the apparent fucked-up/wacky/awesome/dysfunctional/entertaining nature of our Fluther family, I thought what I suggested would be more appropriate.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard My reaction to your answer was meant to approve, indeed. :)
I might not say that if I actually tried it…but for now, it sure beats the fish n chips variety. :D

Fish n chips, s’fuckin nasty anyways. XD

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A tea spoon of bitter.
A pinch of sour.
A touch of salt.
A truck load of sugar.

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^ ^ and a five gallon bucket-o-smoosh ;)

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