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What is the fluffiest question you can think of?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) November 16th, 2011

What is the fluffiest question you can think up? Something soft and easy, like ‘which is better, leather or naugahyde?’, ‘what do you like best, polka dots or paisley?’, ‘He brings me a muffin everyday, does he like me?’, etc.

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Should I get my poodle groomed? How many times should I sweep under my bed in a week? No, no, wrong sort of fluff

What colours do you like for your cushions?

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What’s better fluffernutter or peanut butter and banana?

Should I have ham or meatloaf for dinner?

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If Ken farted whilst Barbie performed oral sex with him, would she consider that grounds for divorce?

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Which pillow should I buy?

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ucme asked a question about pillow fights.

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What weighs more: a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?

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Which is softer, the fur of a rabbit or a big, fluffy blanket?

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What does this dream mean?

I dreamt I had awesome sex with Johnny Depp. What does that mean?

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@WillWorkForChocolate I can answer that. It means you’re pregnant.

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How do they make cotton balls?

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What are clouds made of?

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Is answering a question with a question annoying to you?

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Will answering this question with questions create a sucky sound? As asked.

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I bought the DVD box Feelgood Movies Top 50 for my girlfriend; do you think she’ll like that gift?

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If a sucky sucker could suck a sucker would a sucky sucker suck?

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Should I paint my bedroom pink or pale lilac?

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What nail polish should I put on today?

unfortunately, many ‘fluffy’ questions sound like they come from women – something to think about

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Why is the fluff in my bellybutton always blue?

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Which do you like better, chocolate or vanilla?

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@ucme If Ken farted whilst Barbie performed oral sex with him, would she consider that grounds for divorce? Tell me that wasn’t -REALLY_ asked.

@FutureMemory Why did I know before I even clicked on, it was one of mine? Guess Fluther is way too predictable. However, that had lots of iron in it for those not looking for a big wag of goose down, or cotton. I have way more fluffier stuff than that, so soft any Jelly could digest it with gums alone.

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What hatches out of a chicken’s egg?

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What should I name my new stuffed unicorn?

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What are those white animals in Welsh fields that look like rainclouds?

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Pic of a whole litter of baby kittens

“Which is the cutest and what should I name them?”

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Man this question is awesome, because people are talking about pillows in it.
So I don’t have an answer, but I have this!

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What are those 5 square fabric things that are on my bed stuffed full of feathers?

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@MilkyWay They’re soft!

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@Hypocrisy_Central If you like someone’s post it’s customary to give it a GA. You didn’t GA me. I am disappoint =/

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@FutureMemory You didn’t GA me. I am disappoint =/ Because tomorrow or the next day when you really come up with a god answer on my post or some other’s, you will get one. I have in the past, though you may not have realized, I don’t want to max you out on answers that was not deeply profound. I know you have some doozies left in your kit bag, you don’t know you have yet, and I would hate not being able to QA them because I squandered all the lurve. ;-)

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Awww, so nice of you, Hypo. C’mere and show me some love.


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@FutureMemory See? I almost lurved that, but then reason told me, you will read a post of his tomorrow on another thread and think, “Dang, why did I spend that round yesterday on a target that wasn’t as good as the one before me now. The moment they ax the silly 100 lifetime lurve junk, you might have as much lurve as the Grinch had Who toys stuffed on his sleigh. LOL

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“What do you get when you cross a sheep with a chicken?”

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“Where is a good place to buy pillows?”

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