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A friend of mine needs medical help.

Asked by cage (3123points) May 14th, 2008

She has really bad heart ache, and when it comes about her breathing is irregular.
She finds the best help is deep breathing.
She is going to see a doctor but I just wanted to see what you guys thought, or if you’ve had something similar?

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Cage, There is no easy way to answer this with the limited amount of information presented. The symptoms you described can be as innocuous as an anxiety/panic attack to something more serious like palpitations (irregular beating of the heart) leading to “heart ache” and irregular breathing or even true angina. There are many factors to consider in her history including how long this has been going on, how severe is it, how long the episodes last, what triggers it (if anything), what makes it go away, is anything else going on, etc. In addition, her age, personal medical history, medications she takes, family history and social history (does she drink, smoke, do drugs) all play a vital role in making a diagnosis.

It certainly is prudent for her to be evaluated by a doctor. Not one Flutherer can provide a diagnosis. Everything you read will be purely anecdotal. Good luck to her.

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shinolo is right

good luck

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Yep, Shi is right! Make sure she keeps her appointment. Let the professionals check her person. I hope she is ok.

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Yeah I will make sure she goes. Thanx for some of the ideas.
(she is going through a very large amount of stress atm)

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Get better soon Harriet :(

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she needs to see a doctor. It could be as simple as stress or something more significant.

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@Cage. Its been two weeks. What ever happened to your friend? Is she ok?

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I’m curious too. Is she ok?

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Apparently she’s fine. She never went to see a doctor, the pain just went away by itself. I’m guessing it’s just the stress.

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thanks for your concern btw :)

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I’m happy to hear she feels better, but I hope she considers getting a check up in case this was a warning sign of something serious looming.

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yeah, turns out she’s going to the doctors now. But it’s definitely eased up. She still gets it occasionally so I told her to see a professional again.
Ultimately it’s up to her!

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I’m glad to hear it. Thanks for the update!

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Panic attacks more than likely. But she should go see the doctor.

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“Experts are on tap not on top”
Ultimately it’s up to her, everybody health is their own responsibility. {Oh bugger}

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