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How many times have you failed your drivers exam?

Asked by Sher_King (469points) November 16th, 2011

I failed three times. Third time was today. I live near France and the douchebags here are insanely severe on the exam. I’m starting to think they have a problem. So yeh, how many times did you take your drivers exam? How did you feel?

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I have tried once and failed. The lady testing me was extremely grumpy from the start of the test and I got way too unnerved and drove like an idiot. It felt awful. I haven’t tried again yet. I have a lot of anxiety about it.

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It was way too easy. I’d like to see a four-hour driving test through downtown Boston. In fact, I’d like to see people tested once a year.

There are way too many bad drivers on the road in my opinion.

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Never. I practiced a lot in a local park, before taking the test. Me dad was my coach.

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I passed first time but my grandmother failed I think 7 times? 8th time she had a double whiskey to settle her nerves and passed. (not that I condone drink driving, this must have been about 40 years ago, but I’ve never known anyone to get breathalyzed before a driving test!)

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Then again, I didn’t even get my learner’s permit until I was almost 17.

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Never. Then again (since everyone is then again-ing), I study for every test like it’s a test to qualify me for remaining alive.

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I never failed, but probably the US exam is easier than most European exams.

I know people who failed 3 and 4 times. They became nervous wrecks about taking the test again.

Is it multiple choice? Are you generally a bad test taker? Does the test tell you what you answered wrong so you can study those things more closely?

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Can’t help you. Never failed that exam.

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I’ve never failed a driving exam. In fact, the “proctor” was impressed with my driving, even as a teenager. I credit that to my dad, who taught me to drive not only on back roads, where I could practice aggressive driving, but also on busy highways where I could practice defensive driving, and learning how to bob and weave if need be.

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Wait, are you failing the written portion or the driving portion?

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No nooo i passed the theoretical exam just fine! its the practical exam that i kept failing! But I think that this time they really failed me on purpose. And yes Europe, especially where I come from, road rules are intense. Which is why im considering flying to the east coast and do my drivers there. Cause its just rediculous.

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@Sher_King So, practical is the driving portion? Is it on the road in traffic, or in a specially designed test area? What are you messing up on? Not stopping completely? Not turning your head to look back as you back up? Not signaling? Not being able to parallel park? These are the typical trip ups in America.

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Yes practical is the driving portion. All the things you’ve mentioned @JLeslie I can do perfectly fine. The first two times i failed was because i was having anxiety issues behind the wheel. Now im much better. Today I drove calmly. I did all that you mentioned above. The only reason why they failed me is because I didnt maintain a safe ‘security distance’ between me and the car infront ot me. Can you imagine? They failed me for that. I think it was done on purpose.

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@Sher_King I think you will pass next time. Try again.

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I hate them right now. gotta schedule my next exam.

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@tom_g I completely agree that Mass is too easy on their testing process and part of the reason for the terrible drivers in and around Boston.

I was tested in Minnesnowda. I got a 98% on my written exam that was 100 questions.
The behind the wheel test was done at a testing facility that is set up like a little city. Their goal is to put you through the motions and get exposed to a variety of streets. The final goal of theirs is to fail you. I know very few people that passed their first behind the wheel in Minnesnowda during the era I took the tests. I passed with flying colors the second time.

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I was lucky enough to pass the first time. What worked for me was remaining calm throughout – thinking of the tester as a friend might’ve helped. Good luck for all doing tests :-)

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Maybe being angry will help you not feel so anxious?

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@Sher_King Yes, actually, I can easily imagine them failing you if you didn’t keep a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you, and they were right to do so. Want to know why? If the person in front of you is forced to slam on their brakes and you do not have the proper distance between them and you, you will hit them and quite possibly hurt them or yourself.

Pay special attention to the proper distance mentioned in your driver’s handbook and maintain it. It’s not stupid; it’s important.

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I passed first time.

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Only had to do it once, did excellent on everything except the parallel parking, not that it mattered because other than at the test I’ve never had to parallel park in my life.

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Never. I had to take it a second time when I was 35 after having lived in Manhattan without a car and letting it lapse.

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hey @WillWorkForChocolate, that is what they said. I agree with you. But it wasnt that tragic and nothing happened. We were all driving in at a slow consistent pace, plus i had a car behind me that wasnt giving me space. It was nothing tragic and i really think they were pulling my leg on this one. But thank you :) its right what you say, but you real should have seen it.

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“It wasn’t that tragic and Nothing happened.”

Not that time. They weren’t “pulling your leg”. I’ve stopped at nasty accidents where someone was following too closely and people were badly hurt. We stopped because my mom is a nurse.

You can’t say “nothing happened” about it, because maybe nothing happened this time, but something could happen in the future. That would be like saying, “I snorted three 8-balls of cocaine and nothing tragic happened.” Yeah, this time. What about next time?

Being a responsible driver is all about driver safety. If you don’t drive safely during your driving test, you will fail every time, because how could they trust you to drive safely on your own if they pass you?

You currently have the “I know what I’m doing and they fucked me over on purpose” attitude that most teenagers have. That’s why you keep failing.

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I failed three times…I’m starting to think they have a problem.

And you have no responsibility here? They are douchebags and Insanely severe?

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Like i said. You werent their to see it and im not a teenager, so I dont need a mother or a condescending tone from your part @WillworkForChocolate. I got your point. And Im allowed to be in a bad mood today. And @galicalled, i do have responsibility to an extent. But like i said…it was a little exaggerated. Im not a nut case who doesnt know how to drive. The road rules here are pretty tough, anyone who lives here will tell you. Either way, no point in bickering, explaining or justifying, i got to do it again. My question isnt just about me its about your experiences.

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Where is here? Near France is not very clear.

I took the road test twice; once when I was 16 and again when I was 35. I passed them both the first time.

(you mean there and not their)

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Luxembourg :) Luxembourg city.

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You’re not a teenager? I beg your pardon, my mistake. I simply assumed you were due to the complaints about the driving test, which is taken here at age 17, and because of the “victim” attitude on display, and the glaring grammatical errors typically associated with teens.

If you’re not a teen but you still have the “victim” mentality of a teen, and you’ve failed the test three times now but you think it’s their fault… that’s even more hilarious. I don’t need to be there to understand what happened; I get enough just from your description and continued finger pointing. “I’m starting to think they have a problem. Ahem. Pot, meet kettle. Peace out.

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Wow how far is that pull up your….im sorry things at home aren’t working out for you. And thats the feeling I get from the way you answer. ‘Bitter and hormonal.’ The exit is right over there. Peace.

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It’s really funny that you’re blaming someone else for your mistakes, and you’re calling them douchebags and saying you hate them, yet I’M the one who’s bitter. Right. Did you eat a bowl of denial with your pancakes this morning? <takes the nearest exit while laughing>

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@Sher_King – Look around you. Do you see a ton of people driving cars? How do you think they got their license? I suspect it was the same way you attempted to – except they were qualified, so they passed. Whey you say, “I’m starting to think they have a problem”, what does that mean? Is there a conspiracy to keep you from getting your driving license? Or is it more likely that you’re just not a good driver, and therefore not ready?

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@Sher_King:Interesting user name. Pun on shirking?

Don’t expect me to lend you my car anytime soon.

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I have to say I think the tests should be harder. I have almost been killed on the road by people who didnt know what they were doing several times.

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Passed the very first time

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I got my license on the second try.

On my first attempt, the police officer who administered the test arrived with the last applicant, shook her hand and dismissed her. Then, once she was out of earshot, he turned to the other administrator in the car and said, “I don’t ever want you to bring me someone like that again. I hope you know we both could have died just now.” Suffice to say, I got a little nervous.

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@Sher_King has abandoned ship.

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Not the most positive outcome Fluther has ever generated, to be sure :(

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“I keep failing my pilot’s license exam. I’m getting the feeling there is something wrong with them. Also, it’s so difficult to get a pilot’s license for some reason!”

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