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Which is better Mac or PC?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) May 14th, 2008

I have about five PC’s in my house and I am getting a laptop soon. My family is going to get me a Dell I think. I have 2 questions… Which is better mac or pc(my opinion is mac). and how ca I convince my parents to get me which one you picked????

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Currently, I think Mac has the best television commercials, so I’d go with a Mac. Dell commercials are boring.

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omg, you’re gonna get a billion responses for this.

I’m a windows fan. However, structurally a mac is so much better coz I dot have to worry about defragin it every week or so and stuff.

The way macs work, and how amazingly fast they are is SO much better.

They look better and the macbookpros feel so nice with the new multi touch pad.
Apple does produce better ads too.

HOWEVER, LOADS, of the apps I use on my PC are not available for mac!
So think what you might be using it for!

p.s. whatever you do don’t get the AIR. the only reason everyone loves it is coz it’;s small. But that is all it;s good for! (1 USB port? what is this 1994?!!!)

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I don’t think commercials matter.

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Man, this is going to start a massive flame war right here!

I’m a power user, tweaking and really working machines and software hard, and I’ve used windows all my life.

I can tell you, from honest experience, that a Mac is better. More stable OS, nicer UI, and a huge amount of software available. There are drawbacks, but you’ll never look back. Practically speaking you can also run windows on a mac, if and when you need to.

Every switcher I know has never looked back. I know I haven’t!

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Just take them to an Apple store and play with a MacBook. There’s no comparison in the user experience of a Mac versus a craptastic Dell. Apple will win every time.

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Ive tried but they dont care what I say.

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A PC is like VHS. A Mac is like Beta. Beta was a much better format but you just couldn’t find many tapes for it.
This is the 21st century so I guess I should have come up with a more up to date simile. I could have compared them to HD DVD and BlueRay, but the format that won is better, so that doesn’t work.

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So what are you trying to say AstroChuck?

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I have said it before – it all depends on your needs. Some people love their macs. Some people love their PCs. I have worked at the Apple Store for over two years and I will stick to my good old dell laptop because its cheap, reliable, easy to upgrade and has an abundance of applications. Some people love the whole simplistic look to Apple’s UI while some like me think that it lacks customization options. At the end of the day, its what you are more comfortable with

I think what AstroChuck is trying to say is that even though the mac might have a better OS,it still lacks the bulk of applications that windows has.

Do you know what you are going to be main using your next computer for ?

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mirza- couldn’t have said it better.

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OK and I am probably going to use it for Word and lots of Internet(definitely Safari). I am going to use A TON OF AIM AND I HATE AIM ON MAC. IT IS THE WORST.I also have a question for Mirza. Since you work at Apple could I ask you a question about it?

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I hear that apple is going to be releasing a new iPhone model, software update, all followed by a price drop is that true??????

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Yes they are coming out with a new 3G iphone. When ? They don’t tell us that information. But according to the blogosphere, a 3G iPhone might be launched during the WWDC in June. Also most stores have stopped receaving new shipments of iPhones which obviously means they are replacing it.

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thanks and I heard from AOL its coming out in June too. Thanks for your help mirza and if I ever need Apple help I will contact you. But how can I??? Can I ask certain people certain questions???

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You could go on people’s profiles by licking their name links and leaving them your question as a comment

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ok thanks and i’ll ttyl bii

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@Mirza; nice to see you back (but “licking”? Surely not.:-) Gail)

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I just got my first mac in September and so far I like it. I hated the AIM on it as well so I use Adium, it supports multiple chat clients. I have word, power point, excel etc on my Mac and it works just fine. I pretty much just surf the net and write papers for school so I haven’t run into too many problems with wanting to use certain applications and not having them because they’re only for windows.

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A Mac is a PC.

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I have a Dell laptop and a Macbook pro. I love them both. I don’t like having to worry about the operating system or tweaking the heck out of the hardware so i prefer my mac. But both have and continue to serve me well.

Might I add, congrats on the greatest cleanest most adult discussion on this topic ever! Keep it up all!

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Yes, what a clean discussion! I too was nervous when I saw the question.

I’m also shopping for a laptop, so this was all very helpful. One question I have for Mirza or others: When you say there are a lot of applications available for PC and not Mac, what kind of applications are you referring to?

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@Trustinglife: Mostly specialized software is unavailable for macs. For example, I am in college now and a lot of my books come with these cds that contain special software to use with the book only. Unfortunately most of these aren’t supported on a mac so my mac friends have to either dual boot or simply use another computer. Also a lot of professional tools aren’t supported on a mac. My sister happens to be a teacher and she’s uable to use her mac at mac at work because the grading software isn;t supported in a mac.

Aside from software, personally my biggest thing is that the mac lacks games. I am not a hard core game but once in a while i like playing some games on the go. The PC has an endless list of games while the mac has a pretty small collection.

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I stopped using PC’s about 8–9 years ago and never regretted the decision – wouldn’t buy anything but Mac.

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Thanks Mirza!
I’m giving you a great answer, even though it bumps you off of 2222!

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I’m afraid, my friend, that you level of general ignorance troubles me. Maybe you’re a windows user at heart ; )

AIM is a service, an open service, that can be accessed through a variety of desktop clients, not just iChat, which I would imagine is what you mean when you shout about ‘AIM ON MAC’, as it’s the default client. iChat is pretty poor, but there are a number of free multi-protocol* clients such as Adium that will let you use AIM and have a variety of themes and skins to ensure you get the UI you want,

Also, people who tend to slate the Mac OS as not having as many applications available tend to be a) people who don’t use Mac on a day to day basis and b) people who aren’t resourceful enough to look into the alternatives. For every task I’ve ever had to do on my Mac, across Internet, development, communications, multimedia, audio recording, graphic and web design, editing, I’ve always been able to find great tools, usually free, that do at least as-good a job as the PC equivalent, usually better.

Ultimately if you can afford the better experience, then pay for it, and you won’t look back.

*Multi-protocol chat clients can, for example, allow you to be signed on to multiple accounts across multiple services (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk) at the same time, using a unified contacts list and the same app for all of the services, and allowing seperated statuses

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@benseven I could just run Boot Camp on a Mac and run all the programs I need. Including AIM for Windows

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So, you’re gonna buy a Mac, to run Windows on it every time you want to use AIM, because you don’t like iChat?

You’re not making the rest of the Apple fans look any smarter, dude.

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No I love iChat and all of Apple’s programs thats one reason why I want it. But most programs are for Windows and I like some programs for Mac.

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Your logic is undeniably stupid.

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@b that is true. and i have to add that all of the mac programs interface so well. for example im every iLife and iWork application you get a thing called an “inspector” where it holds all of your music and photos from itunes and iphoto, respectively. and in ichat you can have it display your current itunes song and if a friend clicks on your status it takes them to that song in itunes store. these are just a few things but I love my mac and i know you will love one too. and the argument of programs not available for a mac doesnt matter because you can dual boot your mac with windows. epic fail for Microsoft

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