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I have a question about the CanonImageClassD1170 printer?

Asked by nerdyguy609 (24points) November 16th, 2011

Hi Everyone…I have a CanonImageClassD1170 printer. I would like to create a file with graphical data to send to the printer, What is the filename of the file I have to send send to the printer so that it will print the graph? I assume I might have to create a bitmap file. Thanks. nerdyguy609

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Your question is a bit confusing.
The OS that you are printing from will dictated the driver load and allow you to print a variety of files types.
The Application and OS will render the image and send it to the printer for printing.

Or are you talking about PCL – Printer Control Language ?

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As @blueiiznh mentions, your printer has driver files that work with various operating systems to determine how printer inputs are handled. The software that you used to create the image you want to print also interacts with the drivers to interpret the file contents and translate it to the printed medium.

What operating system and software are you using?

Alternatively, you could (possibly) have a “print to file” image, I suppose, which you may be able to send at a DOS (command line) level to the printer, but I haven’t had a need to do that in decades. Wouldn’t want to go back there, either.

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Hi…I agree. My question is confusing. Let me present more details. I am able to write a program in Fortran using my Microsoft Fortran System on my computer. HP sent me PCL manuals for writing a program to ceate a file to send to an HP printer (HPLaserJet4V). I have had great success getting my graphs printed on the HP printer with the Microsoft Fortran System. However, when I tried to do the same thing with my Canon printer, nothing happened. I think I don’t know the path to the Canon printer on my computer. I probably need to learn how to find that path. I tried clicking on the printer with my mouse so that I get the dialog box. I clicked on that dialog box for more details and a path came up (\\alg\canon). However, using that path did not produce any response from the Canon Printer. When I use the path that does come up for the HP printer, the HP printer responds with a print out. So I guess I don’t have the correct path to the Canon printer. Any ideas? Thanks. nerdyguy609

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Hi…Let me add that the CanonImageClassD1170 printer uses a proprietary language UFR II LT. Thus, PCL won’t work here. However, I thought if I could send the printer a bitmap image, it would print the image. So far, I have not been able to get the printer to output a sheet of paper (even a blank sheet would be progress). Thanks. nerdyguy609

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@nerdyguy609 The printer does use UFRII as you list, but it also does support PCL.
Here is the Canon driver link. Select the one that is UFRII/PCL

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Hi blueiiznh…I clicked on the Canon driver link you suggested. It looks like it is asking me to download some software to place between my Fortran Program and the printer. I was hoping to write the software myself and send the resulting file to the printer. However, I can’t seem to figure out the path to the printer. The website displays a filename = D1170_1150_1120_MFDrivers_Win_X32_us_EN-7.exe. Is this the file that the printer is expecting to get? Thanks. nerdyguy609

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Doesn’t Fortran have a modern interface with a “Print” capability that allows you to easily assign any of various established printers that you’re connected to, and control them from a dialog interface? You’re describing processes that gave geeks headaches in the 80s. Why go back to that?

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Hi CWOTUS…Within Microsoft Studio Developer Fortran, there is an item (Print) under “Files” in the main window that allows you to print a file that you have highlighted. However, once you create a Fortran program, that item is not inside the Fortran Code. What I did with the HP printer was to construct a Fortran program that created a file (using HP PCL language) that contains the instructions for drawing a graph. Within the Fortran program, I gave the graphics file the same name as the path to the HP printer. Then, when I ran the program, it automatically sent the file to the HP printer and a graph was printed out. When I changed the path name to the supposed path for the Canon printer, nothing happened. It looks like I don’t know the correct path to the Canon printer. I can get the Canon printer to print by using the mouse to click on a print icon in a window. Once I click the icon, a dialog box comes up asking me which printer to send the window image to. I can select the Canon printer and it does print the window image. But I can’t seem to figure out what path was taken to accomplish this task once I clicked the mouse. How do I get the computer to tell me what path was taken to get the Canon printer to print. Any ideas? Thanks. nerdyguy609

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