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Which is better for a PC? Safari, IE 7, Firefox, or Opera?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) May 14th, 2008

By the way I said them in the order that I like them. Number one is safari. Which do you think is the best?

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Who has the best television commercials?

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I’ve just started using Safari which I believe is the best.

I used to use IE7 – crap now
then FireFox – faster and uses the same amount for memory

but safari is like WOW lightning fast! BUT, when you’re using it for say youtube or something, it can take up a huge amount of your memory. (or at least it does with mine :( )

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huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mac does mrknowitall!

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Firefox is the best browser for a PC. Third part extensions, customization options, ad-blockers. FF3 is reported to be even faster than Safari.Also you can tweak Firefox to make it just as fast as Safari. Also Firefox has tons of tools for web designers.Safari for the pc is still plagued with bugs and one of the reasons why it has gotten a bit popular on the pc market is because apple forces users to install it with the itunes update.

So in order
1. Firefox
2. Internet Explorer 8 which passes the acid test
3. Safari
4. Opera
5. Internet Explorer 7

@MrKnowItAll: ads have nothing to do with quality of a product. The spam free credit report sites make better ads than lets say eBay. It doesn’t make those sites better. Marketing is just a play to get consumer to buy things. Yes Apple does have a good reality-distortion effect. That doesn’t justify buying their products.

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Because of add-ons like Console2, DOM Inspector, Firebug, Live HTTP Headers and Web Developer, Firefox is far and away better for doing web development (which is part of my job). And I can switch between OS X, Windows and Ubuntu while still using the same browser, which I like.

But honestly- just use whatever makes you happy. :)

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Thanks because I thought it was gonna be WORLD WAR 3 here to see which one is the best. And Safari makes me happy. and mirza: i HATE firefox and Internet Explorer 8 is still BETA. plus IE stinks

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@swimmingdude – its really hard to quit firefox once you install the Ad Block Plus plugin and browse through the web without all the spam and the ads. I havent encountered any browser which can do this. And this is why i love firefox.

If you are cool with safari, go ahead and use it.

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FYI, on OS X you can use either SafariBlock or Safari AdBlock to block ads. I don’t know of an ad blocker for Safari on Windows, though.

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o thanks i’ll remember that.

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Just to expand on what mirza said,

What really sets firefox apart form the others is the extensive library of 3rd party plugins available. With them, I can achieve a level a security not possible with other browsers. Here’s some of the plugins I use:

1) AdBlock Plus – blocks almost all ads, with block lists updated automatically.

2) NoScript – Run with javascript and flash disabled, with the ability to allow javascript/flash to run on a site by site basis. Can even activate one embedded flash app without activating everything on a page. Easily controlled by a icon in the status bar.

3) CookieSafe – Site by site control of cookie content. Easily controlled by an icon in the status bar.

4) Secure Login – prevent firefox from auto filling in username/password fields until you click on them.

5) Greasemonkey. Ability to run local javascript on a page after the page is loaded. With this, I can literally change how a website functions to some extent. It’s great for adding little features to a site.

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I place it:
Firefox (adblock plus FTW, no joke this thing works miracles, it hides stuff, and i will get on my ipod touch and i’m like… that ad wasn’t there before!)
Safari (its blazing fast)
Opera (never used it but i’ve heard good from it, but i hear its pretty slow dunno though)
..IE (does this really have to be on the list? its ALWAYS bad and everyone knows it..) I hate to flame it, but really… M$ just can’t get it together when it comes to privacy, trojans, and.. junk.

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safari for sure. unbiased tests indicate that it is much faster than firefox and IE on windows, and i like the look much better personally

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@waterskier2007. Safari has a nasty security flaw that Apple has refused to provide a hotfix for. I can no longer in good conscience recommend it to anyone. Given Apple’s stance, I no longer take them seriously when it comes to security.

Why Apple must fix Safari ‘carpet bombing’ flaw immediately

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@xyzzy i was not aware of this. thanks for pointing this out, but i dont use a pc so it doesnt apply to me. good find though

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Really, because I use Safari on a PC and have had no problems at all. I love it!

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I thought that they did finally fix it like two weeks ago or so?

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Yeah they came out with version 3.1.2 or something.

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Now Google Chrome is out there is no reason to ever use Safari. Google Chrome renders like safari but is faster and has more and better features. Firefox is still the best when you customise it with some great add-ons but out of the box Google Chrome edges it.

1. Firefox with extentions
2. Google Chrome
3. Opera
4. IE 8
5. Safari
6. IE 7

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For a normal user I’d say Firefox. IE is bloated, slow, and has recurring security issues. Firefox, with the 3rd party add on community and a good team that keeps it up to date, is great for power users and developers as well.

As a developer I detest IE. It refuses to follow web standards and is a real pain to troubleshoot for. Firefox is much better for following web standards and for testing, on any platform.

As a mac user I love the way Safari renders, but Firefox is faster and has the addons. If Apple would open Safari up to 3rd party addons, I’d be more tempted to use it.

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