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What is the SOPA bill?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2787points) November 16th, 2011

Can someone please explain in full detail (but plain english) what this bill means, what it entails, and what EXACTLY happens if it gets passed. Thank you!

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They have some anti-SOPA information here:

Basically, it’s an attempt to stop piracy, but it won’t stop piracy.

It will put at risk any website that has user-generated content. For example, if a member of Fluther posted a link that a copyright holder claims (doesn’t have to prove) infringes on their copyright, Fluther would be blocked by internet service providers, search engines, and advertisers couldn’t advertise on the site.

It would give the government the same internet censorship ability as China.

It would hijack the DNS system used by the internet, and make things less secure.

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It is just another part of the corporate takeover of America along with copyright laws, banning abortions, the overturn of net neutrality, corporate person-hood, wars for profit, prisons for profit, health insurance for profit, protection of illegal bankers and banking systems; the end of America as an independent democratic country. We don’t need the Mayans to end the world in 2012, we can do it ourselves.

Now I’m really depressed. You made me think about these things.

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I’m not entirely sure that it is hyperbole to say that SOPA would be the end of the internet as we know it.

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The tech industry is completely against the bill. Take a look at this ad they ran in the New York Times.

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Back on topic, tumblr has a nice setup if you want to speak out against it to your representative:

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Thanks everyone!

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