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A man going on trial stabs three lawyers in a row, can you/should you deny him right to counsel?

Asked by YoKoolAid (2424points) November 16th, 2011

I just saw this story on CNN: A man is going on trial for drug related crimes. A lawyer is appointed to his defense.

Lawyer #1: Man smuggles a pencil out of jail, stabs lawyer.

Lawyer #2: Man smuggles a pencil out of jail, stabs lawyer.

Lawyer #3: Man steals pen from lawyer, stabs lawyer.

Man is denied lawyer #4 leaving him to represent himself.

Man hospitalized for self-inflicted stab wound…(ok that part’s not true but that would be hilarious) Thoughts?

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I say get him a lot more lawyers. He’s on a roll. (The self-inflicted was pretty good)

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Oh my God! Who hasn’t wanted to stab a lawyer? I’ll bet this guy has a Facebook fan club site!

Seriously though, why do they keep giving him access to stabby things? I think they might have learned after the second incident at least.

I’m sure it violates his rights to deny him any counsel for that reason. Any judgement against him would probably be overturned. The next atty had better invest in a good suit… Kevlar by Armani

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Good job, a few more lawyers and his case can be dismissed for lack of counsel.

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Why don’t they just keep this guy handcuffed so he can’t stab anyone?

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He should be shackled and represented.

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I got to wonder what people will think when they’ve been attacked or robbed or had all their money stolen from them by some giant bank and all the lawyers have been stabbed with pencils?

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The pen/pencil stabber can’t be forced to represent himself and even if he think he can, the court will determine if he is capable of defending himself.

Correct the issue of why this happened repeatedly and appoint him counsel.
The sooner he gets his official orange prison pants the better.

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Good for him. Now get him some proper representation and advise said representation to keep him cuffed while they’re around unless they’re fond of stabbings.

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They have to give him a layer if he ask. However they can put a slab of plexiglass between him and his attorney as to protect the attorney but still give him his right to attend his trial.

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He’s crazy. Find a crazy lawyer. Should’nt be a problem

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His mental state should not be grounds to deny him a basic right.

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I know a number of crazy lawyers, but none of them are in criminal law.

They aren’t that crazy! (Cheap shot, I know, but I couldn’t resist)

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Keep giving him lawyers. Stop giving him pencils.

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His third lawyer argued against having him restrained. He said it would be prejudicial for the jury to see this client in restraints. He grabbed the attorney’s ink pen during the prosecution’s opening statement.

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He’s crazy like a fox. They can keep him in discrete shackles that keeps the court safe but doesn’t prejudice the jury. Get him a public defender. Refusing to help with your own defense is not grounds for appeal or dismissal.

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