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How to dress like Annie Get Your Gun?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) November 16th, 2011

At school, the play Annie Get Your Gun is showing on behalf of drama club and fantastic actors of WHHS. The whole school was asked to dress like a cowgirl or boy, but I kind of want to stand out (to say the least).

What are the best things to wear for this special occasion?

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You could come as an Indian.

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My 7 year old cousin dressed like Annie Oakley for the same occasion. My uncle carved her a wooden rifle that she was allowed to carry with her costume (with permission from the principal). Research clothing from the 1880s and find modern stand-ins or analogues for common accessories. Be creative. It’s the little details that count.

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Annie Oakley was my childhood heroine! I wanted to be her so much, I practiced trick shots with my bb gun while riding my bike (no horse, darn it anyway)! I’m guessing that if it’s a school event, you are probably banned from bringing toy guns as accessories?

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Jeans, a checkered or solid color shirt with long sleeves, western neckerchief and a cowboy hat. Cowboy boots are too expensive to consider, but if you know someone who could loan you a pair that fit. . . . Have fun. AGYG is a great show.

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You could dress up as a steampunk cowgirl type. The victorian/steam age was around then. You could go quite nuts with it.

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@cazzie that would actually be really gnarly. A steampunk Annie Oakley would be amazing to see.

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You could dress like a horse….

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