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UNHATE: Which couple did Benetton forget to picture?

Asked by rebbel (33055points) November 16th, 2011

Today, Benetton started a new ad campaign which consists of posters with two world leaders passionately kissing each other.
See some examples here.
But which hating-each-others-guts couple did they forget?
Amuse your fellow Jellow and name two people that would look great as a lovely, embracing love duo.

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These are awesome.

Do historical figures count? A three-way between FDR, Churchill, and Stalin would have been hilarious, especially if Hitler was pictured masturbating furiously in the corner with a single tear rolling down his cheek.

Or Saladin and Richard the Lionhearted though I’m pretty sure they had to have made out at some point. They had a total bromance-rivalry.

Hah, this is fun.

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You misspelt forget.

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@XOIIO Thanks, I’ll inform a mod, because the edit window has closed!
By the way, I would write misspelled.

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Meh, it sounded better at the time.

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Both are correct. “Misspelt” is chiefly a British spelling; “misspelled” used in the US. Canada is, as you’d expect, on the fence.

As we might have predicted, Benetton just pulled the ad, after a lot of criticism. But it was out there long enough to be out there.

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LOL I’m in Canada XD

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Obama and Cain
Obama and Perry
Obama and Gingrich
and, oh my god, Obama and Bachman

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Oh, oh, oh, I know one…

Carolyn McCarthy and Ann Coulter. Two of my least favorite figures from the left and right who both happen to be considerably unattractive as well as mentally deficient (in my opinion) locked in a passionate lesbian embrace. Yummy.

[horny misogynist mode] Sarah Palin and Dennis Kucinich’s wife, on the other hand…. Hmm, I could get behind that makeout session even if both of them are nuts as well. [/horny misogynist mode]

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Reagan & Thatcher…...oh wait, they shagged on the white house lawn back in the fall of 82!!
Nixon & Frost…c’mon guys, kiss & make up.

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