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Looking for a catalog with stuff for drinkers?

Asked by metadog (378points) November 16th, 2011

Hi! Santa Claus has a couple of people on his list who are pretty regular drinkers. No, Santa ins’t an enabler or anything like that, but he knows that these people would enjoy some kind of booze related gift (maybe with a “vodka is for lovers” t-shirt or a beer can bandolero). Wine Enthusiast is all that comes to mind. Can you suggest another site or catalog? Thanks!

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You can either piss them off or make them happy

ahh, didn’t see that that second list is super expensive stuff

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After 5 has supplies, clothing, etc.

Drinking Accessories on Amazon has a bunch of stuff.

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If you want to do something really unique for them, order some Kubler Absinthe.

I am an amateur connoisseur of good absinthe, and I personally recommend it as a unique gift for the drinker in your life.

(not an ad or official spammy endorsement)

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I was the best man for a my friends wedding. He got me a leather flask with a metal emblem branded with my nickname I had when I was younger. All the guys had one and we drank out of them throughout the wedding to break them in lol.

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Uncommon Goods (I personally like the 7 deadly sins glasses) :)

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You could browse Urban Daddy for swank drinking gifts. It’s not a store, it’s a website/newsletter devoted to swank/eccentric places, stuff and things to do. I’ve never bought anything I’ve heard about from them, as I said, it’s swank, but I don’t know what your budget is.

Oh wait, these would totally make kick-ass boozy stocking-stuffers.

Also, apparently you can buy moonshine from a bunch of online booze purveyors. Only a few of them are packaged in mason jars though.

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@fundevogel might I suggest moonshine from the Smokey Mountain Distillery?

It is the real deal and very, very tasty. (Knocks you on your ass, too). It is also made right in my backyard at Tennessee’s only legal, federally licensed moonshine distillery. We grow the corn, make the mash, distill it, and bottle it in mason jars right in my own backyard, so you’d be helping a bastard’s local economy out if you bought some. (Did I mention it is super good and knocks you flat on your ass? Try the apple shine. It’s the most popular, as well as the tastiest, though I prefer the pure “white lightnin’” 100 proof myself).

Haleth's avatar has some cute booze-themed gifts. I’d love to get one of these, for example.

Other nice gifts might be a hip flask, recipe book for cocktails, homebrew kit (I’ve always wanted to try that) or some craft beer from out of state, especially if you’re visiting people in a different area. A lot of breweries only ship to the state or few states right in the area- for example, I just tried a wonderful California beer called Pliny the Elder through a beer exchange, because you can’t get it here on the east coast.

A bottle of port or other fortified/ dessert wine would also make a special gift. There’s something so satisfying about curling up with a glass of port during cold weather. It feels so decadent. If you something affordable and fun, you can find great prosecco for as low as about $10 per bottle. It’s a dry but fruity alternative to champagne that’s a lot cheaper.

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