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Can you give me some advice on how to best manage time?

Asked by prioritymail (1630points) November 16th, 2011

I have 22 credit hours this semester with a month to go until the end of the semester. I feel like I am moving in slow motion straight towards a train wreck trying to keep everything together! I have a lot to do before the semester ends and possibly physically not enough time to do it all. What is the best way to maintain focus in this critical time and make it to the end? I need some advice and strategy. I am not great at time management. If I work non stop I get burnt out and when I take breaks I can’t get any sense of relaxation because my mind always starts stressing about all the work that needs to get done. Please help!

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I found this book to have good advice. It has become a part of my life so much that I don’t even think about how to be efficient anymore and, trust me, I am not any kind of supercharged time management guru! It is practical and common sense. It is also a quick read with ideas that you can put immediately to use.

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You know the grid you get when scheduling classes, with hours blocked off through the day? I took one of those the quarter I had 22 units, copied one for each week, with etra columns for Staurday and Sunday. Then I marked in my classes, my work hours, appointments I had, meal times and my study time for the whole quarter. I even scheduled social time. And then I followed it religiously.

That way I always knew where I needed to be and what I should be doing. Having social on the calendar let me look forward to fun time, but I also knew I would be studying 40 hours a week.

That was my heaviest classload quarter, I worked at a hotel for 32 hours a week, and I got my best grades ever.

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^ Is very smart advice. One thing you should do is make a note that the hour or two or three between classes on a given day are not “free time” – instead, schedule “library time” or “studying for a specific class that is difficult” time.

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Good ideas above. To those I would add: get enough sleep. It sounds counterproductive, but if you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll be too tired, and everything will take longer to do, including studying.

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Very true that about sleep. And if you’ve slept well, studying first thing in the a.m. – especially before a test – is a good idea too.

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Make you down time as important as your study and work time. Leave time for exercise, fun and sleep. Then do it. Put all your focus on it because it will help you study better,

Leave time on weekends to prepare meals for the week ahead. Make a roast and divide it into meals. Use some for sandwiches.

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On youtube there is an excellent thing on Time Management by Randy Pausch. The same guy that did the last lecture. I cannot get to youtube from work, but I think this is the correct link.

Also, when I was in school I worked for 50 hours a week, and had 18–22 credit hours.

However, I did it, and when I got it all done… I wished I had taken my time.

Slow down, those are years you need to spend enjoying your time not stressed out like I did.

I wouldnt have listend to that, so I doubt you will either. :)

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It is late for advices :) There is minimal necessary time for every habit to change. For people like me years were not enough.

Formula alone is simple: make best possible plan, and stick to it.

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