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What is your favorite song?

Asked by JessicaRabbit (383points) November 16th, 2011

I know its kind of a tough question, because Im sure everyone can name a few good ones.
What’s the first one that comes to mind that you like?

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It sounds really dismal, but I love Lie in OUr Graves by Dave Matthews. It has a sort of Irish sound to it

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Na Baixa Do Zapateiro, it’s sung here by Sara Montiel by written by Ary Barroso. It’s from my favorite disney movie ever.

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I don’t have a favorite anything, just a lot of 99%ers on any given subject. My mind seems to not want to let me run through its list to think about it even. . . . “Get Happy” just squeezed through the mind barrier, so “Get Happy” it is.

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I have so many… But the first one that came to mind because I’m listening to it was Like We Used To by A Rocket To The Moon. :)

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This Celluloid Dream by AFI has been my favorite song since 2003 or so. It was also the first song I ever learned to play all the way through on guitar.

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It’s hard to pick just one, but “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” by The Platters is pretty near to my heart. It’s such a classic.

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My favorite would be Tell it like it is by Aaron Neville

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I’ve loved this kick arse tune for a long time & it certainly ranks as a favourite.

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I have lots of favourites. This by Scott Walker is one of them.

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My answer to this varies from moment to moment. RIght now it’s Norah Jones Come Away with Me.

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So many! I can’t list them all here!!

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@Ayesha Thats why I said “I know its kind of a tough question, because Im sure everyone can name a few good ones. What’s the first one that comes to mind that you like?” lol

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@JessicaRabbit I’m into Pitbull a lot these days. Usually all I listen to is classic rock. So this is a bit different for me. All his songs, obviously!!

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I like pitbull too =)

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Yeah, he’s hot!

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My all time favourite is No One by Alicia Keys.

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@Leanne1986 Love it! You just reminded me of that one. Listening to it right now =)

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@JessicaRabbit It’s been my favourite song since it was released. I was lucky enough to hear her sing it live last year, that was awesome!

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@Leanne1986 Thats awesome! Wish I was there.

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My favorite song changes every few days.

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Wake Up Call by Maroon 5.

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Well, since it’s currently playing in my ears, I’m going to have to say Shake it Out from the new album by Florence & The Machine.

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