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Is there a device that can allow you to connect multiple microphones into a single input for recording?

Asked by irainy143 (21points) November 17th, 2011

i have a boss multi track recorder which has only 2 inputs. This means i can only record two different things simultaneously. I am thus looking for a device that would allow me to connect about 5 microphones into a single input or two. Does any such device or connector exist. It should work just like the electrical multiple socket does: which receives about 6 different plugs and feeds them all into one wall socket. Let me know if you know of any such device.

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I’m assuming this is for electrical instruments?

In my experience (playing in two bands with recording stuff)..

You either had enough inputs on your mixer/PA… or you didn’t. I don’t know of any kind of “power strip” for inputs like that.

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You certainly can find Octopus Cables at most music stores.
It really would be best to get a mixer. You can get low end ones from $30 on up. But you get what you pay for.
You can try Radio Shack to Guitar Center

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You can’t simply connect them in parallel. You need a mixer / preamp, which has multiple high-impedance inputs and a low-impedance output. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with specific products.

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As @gasman said, you need a mixer board like those used by radio stations and recording studios.

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As gasman and HungryGuy pointed out, you can’t simply merge the signals together with a cable, because that will cause a change in the impedance of the signal, and overload the inputs on your recorder. A second mixer needs to be used to correctly sum the signals without an impedance change. This is called submixing. Then your output from that mixer can be routed into your recorder. A submixer should also allow you to route your 6 signals to the output of the mixer via the pan pots on each of the 6 input channels. That way you can “hard pan” signals if you want further control of the two signals once they’re in your recorder (recording as two mono signals rather than as a stereo signal into the two-channel recorder).

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You need a mixer, simple as that, they go from the large to the small

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