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Is Mcafee still free?

Asked by valdasta (2144points) November 17th, 2011

I downloaded a free version of Mcafee on one of my computers. I recently bought another computer and I wanted to download Mcafee, but when I went to the site they didn’t have the same free offers.

Are there any other anti-virus software programs I can download, or did I not go to the right place to download Mcafee?

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McAfee Free is a bit different that before.
Normally your ISP provides some security program to install on your PC. Check out your ISP homepage security section.

A good free one is AVG

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Save yourself the trouble And get Microsoft Security Essentials. Most anti-virus programs are worse than what they are supposed to protect you from. McAfee and AVG included. MSE is the least worst one I have ever used.

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I would second the recommendation for AVG, and would NOT recommend Microsoft’s inferior product. Tell you the truth, I had a nasty virus that both mcaffee and microsoft couldn’t get rid of. AVG did the trick though.

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I’d avoid McAfee like it was a virus itself. Its a piece of junk. AVG always worked great for me.

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McAfee has some ‘quirks’. I’d avoid it. I haven’t been impressed with AVG either. It has let some nasty viruses slip through in my experience. Maybe try what @johnpowell recommended, I haven’t used it myself but he generally knows his stuff in this arena.

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McAfee is now bundled as a free teaser. It will do a little and ask you to buy to to more. Listen to @johnpowell for once Microsoft is on top of the game although it is annoyingly invisible unlike AVG and Avast!

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I like avast for free.

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Oh, there is a cost to using McAfee, all right – your time and worry when you end up with viruses it didn’t catch. Avoid!

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A late “thank you” to all…I’ve been unplugged from the fluther for a while

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