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If you had a stroke more than two years ago, would you ever go on a roller coaster?

Asked by jcs007 (1770points) May 14th, 2008
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What was the cause of the stroke?

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I wouldn’t ask this group (except Shi) for serious medical advice. How about checking in with your cardiologist or neurologist? And wouldn’t there be other pleasures in life besides a roller coaster? I rode one when I was 16, staggered off and heaved into the nearest trash I have never been able to see the appeal.

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For what it’s worth, I have a friend who had a concussion a year ago. He went on a roller coaster last month it it triggered Post-Concussion Syndrome – dizziness, cloudiness, depression, anxiety. IT’s a very challenging condition and takes over a year to recover.
The brain is a sensitive thing. I“m not a doctor but I think if you have had any problems you should not go on any rides that whip your head around…

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I would if my doctor told me is was safe to do. but I would go for a check up first, which is what you should do also. No one here knows your medical history, so we can’t give you that kind of advice. Only your doctor can tell you this. Even the best of doctors can’t examine you online.

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Once again, you sizzle!
Hell of an answer!
BTW…I too have similar recollections!

JCS007…....all sage advice.
Although strokes are more often associated with brain activity/acuity, why risk it?
Get thee to your GP

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I had a stroke in 2005 but wouldn’t go on a roller coaster BEFORE I had it. If you want a real danger/thrill, don’t file your taxes next year, the IRS will take you on the ride of your life!!!

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