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When applying for retail how important is your interest section?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) November 17th, 2011

I kind of feel it might be obsolete? I am applying to A clothing and furniture store for the modern contemporary freak, I mean young adult :P

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What do you mean by “interest section”?

btw… the link… that girl has a squirrel running around under her skirt… is that what you mean by “contemporary freak?

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Are you looking for a job? This question has me baffled.

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Allow me to translate before answering:“I’m applying for a job at a clothing chain that appeals to hipsters. When turn in my resume or application, how important is the section about my interests?”

Answer; It’s somewhat important. It gives your potential employer an idea about what kind of person you are. It makes it easier to categorize you so they know whether or not you fit a hire-able profile.

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What interests are you thinking of writing in the application?

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It gives them a feeling for how well you’ll relate to their customer base and therefore make you a more successful salesperson.

In the case of Anthropologie, you might have a better chance of being hired if you list your interests as: Indy music, Hookah bars, Microbrew parties and foreign films as opposed to: Deer hunting, Professional rodeo, and 4-wheeling.

Just a thought.

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@Haleth These are in my current interests • Composing and recording music, poetry, short stories, writing shorts.
• Taking photos, photography manipulation.
• Fan of the NBA, NFL, MLB, and Professional Tennis.
• Watching independent films, going to social and progressive events.
• Reading the currents.
What would you make of it? I didn’t put down that I read fashion magazines, which I do, should I list them?
@Blueroses Unfortunately I’m not into hookah bars or any bar in general :(

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@whitetigress Oh, those were just examples of trendy interests. I would mention all of the artsy things you enjoy, leave off the sports (pale hipsters don’t do athletics) and definitely add keeping up with fashion.

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@whitetigress Your interests that look most related to this job are fashion magazines and the photography. It shows that you have a creative side, and obviously an interest/ understanding in fashion helps in a job where you sell clothes. What is reading the currents? Is that like a newspaper or a magazine?

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@Haleth Yeah it means newspapers. But I’m coming from a journalism background, maybe I should be literal? @Blueroses But isn’t it cool again to be into sports? :P

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You know, I think you might be right. It’s ironically hip like drinking PBR. :)

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@Blueroses whoa whoa, there are things that are hip and faddish, but lets get this one thing right. Pabst Blue Ribbon without advertisements, is still America’s classic beer. Any other reason for drinking it other than knowing its an American classic, is just down right cheap and fake!

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