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If God were professionally psychoanalyzed, would He/She be declared as Sane, or Insane?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30943points) November 17th, 2011

For the sake of the question…

1st – Pick your God… (Jehova, Vishnu, Zeuss, Jesus, Saraswati…)

2nd – Assume the legend about them is true.

3rd – Psychoanalyze them and determine Sanity or Insanity.

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I don’t want to be first on this exquisite question, and certainly not write anything snarky, however, if I first pick a “God”, then I am already insane, if I assume the legend is true, yet even more – clinically insane, and then I am going to psychoanalyze the Creator of the Universe – without any prior education in the field – oh, boy – it’s not Him who is insane – it would be me. Lock me up and throw away the key.

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I choose the monotheistic god because I’m most familiar with it. And it’s quite clear he is patently insane. The guy made humans, wiped them out, made people he hated, then told other humans to hate them as well, played mind games with humans with a total disregard for their emotions and mental well-being by telling a dude to kill his son to appease him, takes credit for things he didn’t do, and just generally has shitty priorities.

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God the creator of the universe and of mankind is the definition of sanity.

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I am happy to be numbered among the sane lovers of God throughout the ages and Jesus Who is not stamp outable!

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I’m not qualified to do this so I’lll just make my exeunt with this:

“Your God guarantees my insanity, but may I ask? Who guarantees your God’s sanity?”

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Painfully shy….show up already.
Antagonistic…..see above.
Delusions of grandeur….twas the big bang I tell ya.

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I think the god of the old testament seems rather like a murderous socio-path who was into genocide.

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They are all insane, with the abrahamic one moreso than all others combined, making Hitler and Stalin look like Choir Boys (which he would then molest as well).

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Probably unfit to be in charge of a plane of reality without the correct training and licences.

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To me they are pretty much all the same.
Undoubtedly insane as well as all his/her/its followers. But then again I have yet to meet a sane atheist. Actually is there anyone sane in this entire world (except me of course).

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