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How can I find this french slow accordion song?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10836points) November 17th, 2011

It is hard to search for a song that I don’t have any words to! It is lots of accordion with a female singer. Her voice sounds like the accordion almost, and follows its notes.

I think the music is a kind of waltz. It is a popular song. Other than that I don’t really know anything. It might have “Jour” in it.

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Google Edith Piaf singing La Vie en Rose.

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@zigmund nope, more modern.

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It might be Madeleine Peyroux. Or try Paris Combo. Even if it’s not the song you like they are a great group that does French Swing music. Do you like accordian? Or just this particular song? It would help if you knew even a little of the lyrics.

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I suggest oneiromancy.

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Another well known French song in ¾ time is Sous le Ciel de Paris (under the Paris sky).

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How about Madelyn Peyroux doing Edith Piaf?

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Damn! zigmund That movie made me want to go back to Paris so bad it gave me chills!!! Let’s see if you’re right about the song,lol.

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Sorry, nothing yet, but I haven’t checked each one. I will.

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Oh, I do despise telling…

Paris Combo: Lettre A P…

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Ltryptophan It was Paris Combo??? Was I right? I love them. Saw them live in New York City. Lettre A Paris?

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@Earthgirl yah, I got to hear it again before I got to check out each recommendation.

Good job. It’s not even accordion music I don’t think!

Any other songs of their’s really great?

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Yes lot’s!!! Listen to the song callled Living. Room. Also Senor, also On na pas Besoin. I could go on….she can sing so fast! I dont know how she packs so many words in!

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Yeah Living Room was slick. That’s all I noted being kinda hiptacular.

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Im trying to find this same song! Did you ever discover who it was?

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